Otto Kilcher Net Worth, Wiki, Age, Facts

By | May 13, 2017

Appeared in Discover channel Otto Kilcher revealed his net worth along with wiki, height, age, current wife, source of wealth, facts and much more. American mechanic and the well-known reality television personality, Otto Kilcher was born on 19 April 1952 and is the sixth child of Yule and Ruth Kilcher. He took birth in Alaska and was raised in the small log cabin and spent his childhood by playing with woods and canyons. Otto has grown up in a family dwelling on East End Road in Homer, Alaska. There, he usually passes his time by raising the cattle and running the farm.

Otto Kilcher Net Worth

Full Name Otto Kilcher
Birth Date April 19, 1952
Nationality American
Height 5.4 feet / 1.64 m
Net Worth $5 Million
Source Of Earning Reality TV Star
Annual Salary $200,000
Siblings One Brother & 6 Sisters
Ethnicity White
Wife Edwin Otto Kilcher, Olga Von Zegasar and Sharon McKemie

Otto’s interest was in mechanics from the childhood days. He used to collect the broken parts of machinery and started repairing it. This practice of repairing has allowed him to acquire different types of equipment, all of which are at his disposal. Otto, by profession, ranches and operates a boat transportation service and he also attends Kennai Peninsula Weed Management Area Council. He is an extremely active member of Kennai peninsula farm bureau.

The reality series Alaska: The Last Frontier on Discovery Channel took the Kilcher family as the story-line and after the release of it, his career has been on the constant rise and he gained extreme popularity. Currently, this show is in its 15th season. This family is relative of singer Jewel.

Otto Kilcher has gained the prestige in short time and the show ‘Alaska: The Last Frontier’ won many awards, including communicator award- ‘Award of Distinction’, ‘Telly award-Bronze-Main title’.

Otto got married for 3 times. His first wife was Olga Von Zegasar but after some years of their marriage, they got divorced. Then he married Sharon McKemie, with whom he had two sons. Then he married his third wife Charlotte Irene Adamson. This couple is carrying on their relationship for 20 years. Otto has one brother and six sisters.

Having been professionally in the mechanism, Otto has earned his net worth approximately around 4 million. His interest was only in mechanism for a long time. It was started as a hobby which later became his passion and now turned as his profession. His net worth and earnings are based on his business of mechanic and machinist. Otto is a master with his tools and has own unique abilities to fix things. His father Yule was an Alaska senator and also helped in writing a state constitution. He has become famous from the show Alaska, based on his own story.

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  1. Daniel Simpson

    I love the show and have been tring to learn all I can about living off the grid for over a year now.
    I would really like to know just what do I have to do to live like him and his family and how much income do I need to start up asap.
    I have to admit though that since 2013 I have had to live with family because of a financial catastrophy, I lost everything and my income so I have had all I can take of living on the grid and would love to find a way even though I have the problems I currently have.
    If you can help me I would love it, I love the forest and I was raised with my dad as a logger and my cattleman uncle, I also was with the family in the sawmill and cutting wood, I pride myself on my ability to learn many different things quickly.
    I have wanted this type of life since I was little watching Jerimiah Johnson (the mountain man), I just did not know how to go about achieving my dream.
    Thank you for your help Otto


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