Parker Schnabel Net Worth – Biography 2017-2016

By | November 6, 2016

Young American gold miner Parker Schnabel net worth is $1 million. Check out his biography, how much earns per episode, girlfriend name, salary and more. A famous TV personality because of his stint in famous realty TV show, GOLD RUSH, Parker is known for his Gold mining skills and business. Born to Roger Schnabel and Nancy Schnabel, Parker was born and brought up in Alaska. Parker took interest in mining since childhood.

Parker Schnabel net worth

Name Parker Schnabel
Nationality American
Birth Date Feb 13
Net Worth $1 Million
Source of Income TV Personality
Annual Salary $500,000
Ethnicity White
Girlfriend Ashley Yule
Ex-Girlfriend N/A

Parker has a successfully family business as well he has been doing good with his other investments and fortunes. Summing up all this, his estimated net worth is $1 Million at this young age. Recently Parker invested a huge amount of $600,000 to build a customized wash plant that will help to speedup his mining work.

Parker Schnabel

Parker has gold fever since childhood and growing up he knew what he wanted and joined with his grandfather in his mining company, Big Nugget. He started doing Summer Work in Grandfather’s mining company when he was a young boy. Parker and his elder brother Payson brought up in Porcupine Creek in Alaska. At the very age of 16 years, Parker managed their family mining business and is managing the operations very nicely. He was not much interested in studies, so after high school, instead of going to college, Parker utilised his college funds in setting up a mining operation in which he was successful too. He digged an impressive 1029 ounces of gold whose worth was $1.4 million. This was in the rookie season of Klondike.

Parker Schnabe’s Girlfriend Ashley Yule seen on Gold Rush show

Parker knew what he wanted in life since childhood and so he decided to study geology or mining in college as well but instead, he did his own mining operation from college funds. This was when he appeared on the TV series GOLD RUSH season 4. Gold Rush is a Mining TV reality show aired on Discovery Channel in which Todd Hoffman also seen. The show first aired in 2010 and had successful seasons. In the fourth season of the show, Parker took the lease land from Tony Beets and also took a very unexpected and controversial decision of shifting from his home area of mining to new mining area Yukon Territory. This is where his college funds were used. Parker got noticed in the Reality TV show competition when he pulled out 3362 ounces of gold making it to almost $3.7 million.

Parker Grandfather John Schnabel passed away recently at the age of 96 years and so in the next season, Parker would be digging the gold without his Grandfather on his side. He have been successfully handling his grandfather’s business from years and proved his mettle too and his future is bright for the same.

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  1. Donna Tucker

    So that’s why Tubby Todd is so jealous of him!! I couldn’t believe help left his crew a while back and went and cut a CD!! He’s so full of himself and NEVER GETS HIS WORK CLOTHES DIRTY!!!😁

  2. Jodie

    Tood’s net worth is 5 million. So I don’t think that’s why he’s jealous of Parker. I don’t believe he is jealous of Parker. They are just two completely different people one takes chances and risks and the other likes to stay in his comfort zone. Just doesn’t add up why Parker is only worth 1 million

  3. Jodie

    Somebody has to do the paperwork. Dave and Todd or 50% partners or were. Guy does all the paperwork which there’s a lot of and Dave takes care of everything out in the field until he quit. So I guess we’ll have to wait until next season to see what happens.

  4. Jodie

    I mean Todd does all the paperwork and Dave does all the work out in the field


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