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By | August 24, 2016

French footballer Patrice Evra earning a million dollar as salary and has a net worth of $11 million in 2017. Married with Sandra Evra, find his house to car pictures. Born on 15th May in 1981 Patrice Latyr Evra is a France based international football player who has created superb impression on the audiences. This 5 ft 9 inch tall Patrice Evra plays for famous football club Juventus and his performances as left back are simply superb. This Patrice who was regarded as the best left back by none other than Sir Alex Ferguson was once a captain for the famous Manchester United team and France team and helped the teams to greater glories. When he was just one year old he came to Europe from his country of birth Senegal.

Patrice Evra

Name Patrice Latyr Evra
Net Worth $11 Million
Source of Income Football
Annual Salary $3.75 Million
Monthly Income $340,000
Weekly Income $85,00
Daily Income $12,000
Birth Date May 15, 1981
Ethnicity Guinean and Cape Verdean
Height 1.73 m
Weight 72 kg
Wife Sandra Evra

He got a salary of 2.86 million GBP in the year 2014 and his net worth is estimated to be $ 10.5 million.

The 1970 year founded Paris Saint Germain football club or PSG in France is a highly respected club and this Patrice Evra played for this club in the year 1997. The year 1912 founded Marsala in Italy has got a capacity of 13,500 and Patrice Evra in the year 1988 signed a contract to play for this club. Then Patrice Evra played for Monza club which is an Italian football club located in Monza.

Patrice Evra’s Car

Patrica Evra's Car with his wife Sandra EvraSource –

Patrice Evra made many heads turn when he returned to France to play for Nice and there as a midfielder first then later as full-back he caught many people’s attention by his superb performances. Founded in 1924 AS Monaco Football Club or AS Monaco FC is very popular in Monaco and Patrice Evra in the year 2002 joined this club.

Patrice Evra’s House

Patrice Evra along with his wife is living in this rented house that cost around $125,000. This villa is spread in 8,500 sqft.

Rented house in which Patrice Evra is livingSource –

This Patrice Evra also took part in the European competition for the very first time in his career and created great impact there. He helped the Monaco team to reach the finals of UEFA Champions League in the year 2004 with his great skills as left- back. In the year 2007 this Patrice Evra married a beautiful woman named Sandra.

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