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By | May 10, 2016

English newspaper editor Piers Morgan has a net worth of $20 million whereas his annual salary is of $2 million. Born in Newick, United Kingdom, he begun his career from 1985.  Today he is an English columnist and daily newspaper editor for the South London News.  He had a succession of jobs as a news editor and journalist before becoming a permanent TV presenter for CNN. Eventually, he was given his own TV show that was also named after him and ran for straight two years. The show never truly found a good share on viewership ratings and advertisers that’s why it was taken off the air back in 2014.

Piers Morgan Net Worth : $20 Million

News paper editor Piers Morgan

If calculate in Euros then Piers Morgan net worth will be £13 million. In 2002 his contract salary was  £350,000 for a year. Throughout the years, he has been included in various fights with famous people who have observed his strategies to be morally sketchy. He was likewise named in the scandalous British telephone hacking outrage which included the newspaper that he was working on while it was under his publication control. The British TV personality and talk show host has now become one of the judges in a reality based talent show conducted in London City. He is also one of the TV talk show host for an established morning news and lifestyle TV program in the UK

Full Name Piers Stefan Pughe-Morgan
Net Worth $20 Million
Date of Birth March 30, 1965
Source of Income Journalist
Monthly Income $166,000
Weekly Income $41,500
Daily Income $5,900

He is a huge fan of the game cricket and has played once for a local team. He sponsors games and tournaments for his country. Aside from being a journalist, his other sources of income are TV guestings, hosting for a reality show, making guest appearance on radio and TV talk shows, and as a writer for different types of publications.

Piers Morgan net worth Famous Journalist Piers Morgan

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