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By | March 31, 2016

Portia de Rossi is a well framed actress has a net worth of $20 million after married 3rd time. Portia De Rossi is mostly considered for her role in “Ally Mc Beal” which is a popular TV series and also for “Arrested Development”, these made her known to the world.

In the early roles she played a lawyer as Nelle Porter and in the later terms she was casted as Lindsay Funke. As the shows were increasing her net worth was charging more amounts for it. She is also known for working as Olivia in “Nip/tuck” and as Veronica Palmer’s role in “Better Off Ted”.

dollarNet Worth – $20 Million

Portia De Rossi profile


Full Name: Portia Lee James DeGeneres

Birth Date

Birthday31st of January 1973


Ethnicity: English

Height & Weight

Height and Weight

1.71 m / 5.6 feet

57 kg




Partner: Ellen DeGeneres

Ex-Husband: Mel Metcalfe

She was born in 1973 at Australia and she suffered the loss of her father when she was 9. While growing up she had been involved in many of the TV Commercials and also for various Print Advertisements. Portia real name is rumored to be Amanda Lee Rogers, but at the age of 15 she changed it as Portia De Rossi and it is known till now. Portia is very well known for having her relationship with women. She was from Australia but she married an American just to get the green card of America. Currently she is married to Elen De Generes and she is the host of a TV comedy series. Portia even confessed the Elen had saved her from eating disorder.

Full Name Portia Lee James DeGeneres
Portia De Rossi Net Worth $20 Million
Source of Income Acting
Monthly Income $166,000
Weekly Income $41,500
Daily Income $5,900

She made her mind to go to L.A. to achieve her dreams in acting carrier. In the start she only got few of the guest roles, but she was later on got selected to be the lead role on the screens. The first movie “Scream 2” became a huge success even for the International audience. She was finding it very difficult to find work with her Australian accent, but her hard work paid as she transformed it to American accent. In 1998 she was a part of the show “Ally McBEal” which raised the income of Portia.

After getting married to Ellen De Generes, they both decided to sell there Beverly Hills home at the price $49 million dollars. It is really not stated as Ellen shares a part of her net worth, but sure they share everything they have. The estate is expanded in 15,00 sqft which has 9,200 sqft main house and two well built guest houses. The house was bought by Ellen for the marriage and it is also rumored that Portia had also spend her fortune in it.

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