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By | December 14, 2017

Famous Reinhold Messner is a Mountaineer whose net worth is now known. Find his bio from height, age, siblings, salary, children to wife name.  Italian mountaineer, explorer and adventurer Reinhold Messner is considered by many as the ‘world’s greatest living man’, owing to his indomitable mountaineering feats. Reinhold Messner is first climber in the world to conquer all fourteen peaks over the height of 8,000 meters above sea level. Image Source:

Reinhold Messner

Full Name Reinhold Messner
Birth Date September 17, 1944
Nationality Italian
Height N/A
Parents Maria Troi and Josef Messner
Net Worth $10 Million
Source of Income Mountaineer
Annual Salary $500,000
Sibling Gunther Messner, Hansjorg Messner, Siegfried Messner, Helmut Messner, Werner Messner, Waltraud Messner, Hubert Messner and Erich Messner
Children Anna Messner, Layla Messner, Magdalena Messner and Gesar Simon Messner
Ethnicity White
Wife Sabine Stehle
Uschi Demeter Messner (1972–1977)

Born to Joseph Messner, a teacher in Brixen- a German speaking Italian province on September 17, 1944 Reinhold had eight brothers and one sister.

With his astonishing climbing feats and capabilities, Reinhold Messner’s net worth is estimated around $10 million whereas he is able to withdraw an annual salary of $500 thousand.

Reinhold climbed his first summit along with his father Joseph at the age of 5. An early start resulted in inculcation of a passion for climbing and hence Reinhold and his brother Gunther started climbing in their teens. By the time the brothers were in their twenties, they were hailed as the best climbers in Europe. Reinhold, along with steadfast companion Gunther led an expedition to the Rupal Face of Nanga Parbat in the Himalayas in 1970, which resulted in the death of Gunther.

In 1978, Reinhold Messner along with climber Pete Habeler reached the summit of Mount Everest, without supplementary oxygen, successfully becoming the first people to do so. Later, Reinhold repeated the same feat alone, climbing from the Tibet side of Mt Everest and in the process making it Everest’s first solo summit. Reinhold Messner at the age of 42 became the first man to climb all the fourteen peaks above 8,000 metres, with their summits in the ‘death zone’, which makes him

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