Rener Gracie Net Worth after Marriage

By | October 6, 2016

Rener Gracie is a Matial arts instructor whose net worth is of $5 million. He is married to Eve Torres who is a famous diva – find his salary and record info. Rener Gracie, born in Torrance, California is also an actor by profession and the co-originator of the world’s biggest university named “Gracie University” based on online jiuJitsu training program. He is an American fourth-degree black belt in Gracie JiuJitsu and also the grandson of Helio Gracie who actually is the creator of Jiu-Jitsu. Recently, when there was a negative uproar about his Gracie Academy, Rener very gracefully and tactfully replied his haters busting all the myths surrounding the university.

Rener Gracie

Name Rener Gracie
Net Worth $5 Million
Source of Income Martial Arts Instructor
Annual Salary $820,000
Monthly Income $68,000
Weekly Income $17,000
Birth Date November 10, 1983
Ethnicity White
Height 1.93 m
Weight 88 Kg
Wife Eve Torres
Ex-Girlfriend Daphne Joy (2015-2016)
Carmen Ortega (2014)
Jordin Sparks (2011-2014)

He received his black belt degree from Grand Master Helio Gracie on 2002. Immediately after completing his degree, he went for a competition in 2003 where he bagged the world champion title. Last year he took an active part in the first Southern California Pro-Am invitational tournament where was the only one to wear a gi. He bagged the first place, beating all his opponents.

With the help of successful and record career, Rener Gracie net worth reaches to $5 million after engaged with Eva. Rener Gracie is widely known for his Gracie Jiu-Jitsu abilities and also as the instructor of this unique martial art form. He was just 13 years when he started teaching Jiu-Jitsu. He and his brother Ryron worked hard day and night to increase the goodwill of their university by making it available via DVD’S and internet to everyone. Today, Gracie University has an active 70,000 pupils and spread across 196 nations all over. Rener and his wife Eve has also choreographed some heavy defense program for men, women, and kids also. The program has, Gracie Combative, Gracie Bullyproof, Girls Empowered and also The Mater Cycle.

His basic source of income is his own institute and also has acted Television series like “The Roots of Fight” and movies like “Honor”.

Rener married his longtime girlfriend cum wife Eve Torres. Eve is a purple belt holder in the same art form as Rener and is also a former WWE fighter.  The couple has one child named Raeven Gracie.

Rener Gracie won the first ever Southern California Pro-Am Invitational. His article on “Stop Physical Bullying” in the black belt magazine received a huge amount of positive response from his fans and media.

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