Top 10 Richest Hedge Fund Managers today in 2017

By | May 19, 2016

This updated list will provide information about richest hedge fund managers who are counted among the top 10 as on 2017. Many have a keen interest in stock market and dream big of earning huge amount of money. Some of them have even made it bigger by implementing complex statistical analysis as well as computer science in order to come up with a new era of money trading – the hedge funds. The hedge funds work on high risk and high income strategies and are generally is independent with the stock market bench mark. Generally managers have stake which reflects confidence and thereby draws more sophisticated businessmen.

Highest Earning Hedge Fund Managers

Let’s look into the top 10 highest paid and successful hedge-fund managers across the globe!

Kenneth Griffin: Citadel

Kenneth Griffin

This 47 year old hedge-fund investor is the CEO of the firm Citadel. He started off in 1990 with 4.6 million dollars and which at present round up to about 7.3 billion dollars. His global investment firm is considered to be world largest hedge-fund firm. After graduating from Harvard, Frank Meyer invested in Griffins firm with one million dollars which yielded a whopping 70% return on his investment moderated by Griffin. His first venture shot him to fame and his story was covered by New York Times. The firm’s net worth in 2015 was estimated to be 6.6 billion dollars. About 500 million dollars were donated for research in Harvard University. Currently he himself writes codes and programmes which enable his firm to skyrocket the investments. This firm works chefly on quantitative analysis.

James Simons: Renaissance Technologies

James Simons

The founder of Renaissance Technologies (1982) is a 78 year old hedge fund manager who is also a mathematician and a philanthropist. He retired as CEO from his company in 2009. He invented mathematical models to utilize and outsource the funds. His firm chiefly comprises of statisticians, physicists and mathematicians who pool data to predict randomized situations.

Raymond Dalio: Bridgewater Associates

Raymond Dalio

Raymond Dalio more commonly known as Ray Dalio is the founder of the most powerful hedge-fund firm the Bridgewater Associates. It is estimated to have a net worth of $15.4 billion. He was listed in the 100 most influential people across the globe by Annual Time 100, 2012. He is famous for uploading 30-minute videos on YouTube running the channel named How The Economic Machine Works, which he started in 2013 and has about 2.7 million views! The company’s assets under management is estimated to be $160 million!

David Tepper: Appaloosa Managements

David Tepper

David Tepper founded Appaloosa Managements in and is famous for taking risks with companies facing financial crisis. This risk-taking nature has made his net worth to be $10.5 billion! He was termed to be the most successful hedge fund manager in 2012. He is a risk taker and invests boldly in dubious companies lying on the verge of bankruptcy. Extremely high returns of more than 50% were tabulated in the 2001 through these high-risk companies.

Israel Englander: Millennium Management

Israel Englander

More commonly known as Izzy Englander, this 68 year old billionaire hedge fund manager is the co-founder of Millennium Management with John Mulheren Jr. who left the firm in between due to a bad start. Currently the firms net worth is $30.8 billion! Statistical methods like convertible and merger arbitrate quantitative analysis are vastly used for stock prediction and one of the reasons for its huge success.

David Shaw: D.E. Shaw & Company

David Shaw

D.E. Shaw & Company hedge firm was founded by David Elliot Shaw in 1988 and estimated to be $4.1 billion in worth in 2015! By profession he is a computer scientist and a computational biochemist. High speed quantitative statistical analysis and models devised by Shaw, has earned him the name as ‘King Quant’ by Fortune magazine, 2006.

John Overdeck & David Siegal: Two Sigma Investments

Overdeck and Siegal collaborated and found Two Sigma Investments in 2001. Its net worth is estimated to be $3.1 billion in 2015 with a $20 billion management asset! The mathematical geniuses have soaring fees of 30% of profit and 3% of asset compared to a lower market price of 20% and 2% respectively!

Andreas Halvorsen: Viking Global Investors

Andreas Halvorsen

Ole Andreas Halvorsen is a Norwegian hedge fund manager and is the founder and CEO of Viking Global Investors. He is famed for a net value of $2.8 billion and is an active member of the Tigers Club.

Christopher Hohn: Children’s Investment Fund Management

Christopher Hohn

More commonly known as Chris Hohn, is an investor who is more linked with public companies and long term investments. He founded the Children’s Investment Fund Management in 2003 and donates 0.5% of the profit every year to Children’s Investment Fund Foundation. Net value of his assets is about $1.1 billion!

Joseph Edelman: Perspective Advisors

Edelman, founder of Perspective Advisors firm, has a formal educational degree in Biotech and is a Masters in Business Administration. His short and long term stock management has made him one of the richest hedge fund managers and his assets have an estimated value of $500 million!

Name Net Worth Hedge Fund
Kenneth Griffin $7.3 Billion Citadel
James Simons $14 Billion Renaissance Technologies
Raymond Dalio $15.4 Billion Bridgewater Associates
David Tepper $10.5 Billion Appaloosa Managements
Israel Englander $30.8 Billion Millennium Management
David Shaw $4.1 Billion D.E. Shaw & Company
John Overdeck & David Siegal $3.1 Billion Two Sigma Investments
Andreas Halvorsen $2.8 Billion Viking Global Investors
Christopher Hohn $1.1 Billion Children’s Investment Fund Management
Joseph Edelman $500 Million Perspective Advisors

These successful hedge fund managers have a robust and risk-taking personality which has enabled them to become the most influential people across the globe!

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