Richest Language of the World – Widely Spoken

By | August 25, 2016

Here is the list of world’s richest and most widely spoken language. I have created this ranking based on Vocabulary and speakers. If you ask me, which is the richest language in the world, then I will say, it is actually the utmost tricky question for everyone; actually a question with an open end. Every language has its own right, own richness. All the language has grown up and evolved in a specific environment, and the language gets the nourishment and richness from the area.


Another Richest language obviously is Chinese, due to its vast use. This lingo has been derivative from Sino-Tibetan Family. About 16% or more of the world popularity speaks Chinese as their first language. Chinese is one of the oldest languages of the world and so many derivatives of Chinese language as they vary from place to place and also from the different religion people, like Mandarin, Min, Yue, Wu, Xiang etc. In China and Taiwan this is the official language. Chinese is also one the chief administrative languages of UN, Singapore and Cantonese. Holograms are the actual foundation of the written form of Chinese language, also known as Chinese characters or incomprehensible dialect which shared by literary speakers.


Arabic is another rich language of the world. If the richness depends on the vocabulary, then Arabic comes first on the list. It has the biggest collection of words, which is nearly 90 million to 5oo million. Arabic is one of the oldest and classical languages which get a new modification by the modern use. People of North Africa, Western Asia and Horn of Africa are very much used to with this classical language. This ancient language has a vast influence on several important languages of the world like Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi, Sindhi, Malay, Indonesian, Pashto, Urdu, Turkish and much more.


When our topic of discussion is the richest language, then English obviously come first because of its vast use of all over the planet.

This language has a vast vocabulary and also a wide range of use. English is constantly getting enriched with new phrases and words. Most of the people all over the world are familiar with this language.

English has initially introduced to the world as a West Germanic language. The English language has started its traditional journey from the early medieval England but this phenomenal language became global with a wide range of use in the modern age.   English is actually a jumble of diverse languages, so it is acceptable for all the people of every corner of the world.


At the end, one must not forget the Hindi Language which is also known as Madhya Language. Though it’s the Official language of India and theoretically spoken by the Northern Indian people mostly. But now a day this language has conquered so many countries, that many people with its simplicity and of course its popularity. One can find Hindi speaking person all over the world and without any doubt the popularity of the Language increasing day by day. This language has two dialects, one is the western Hindi and the other is eastern Hindi.

Selecting a particular language as the richest language from a bundle of languages of the world is a complete difficult job because every language has its own reason to prove itself as a rich language.

Widely Spoken Languages

Language Country Speakers
Chinese China 1,40,00,00,000
Arabic UAE, Lebanon, Egypt, Saudi Arabia 42,00,00,000
English USA, Canada, UK, Australia 40,00,00,000
Hindi India, Fiji, Nepal 30,00,00,000

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