Rick Dore Bio, Net Worth, Age, Wife

By | April 6, 2017

Rick Dore is a reputed car builder revealed his bio along with net worth, age, wife name, annual salary in 2017. He also worked with Discovery tv channel. Rick, an American car builder since 1990 belongs to New York. His work has made him worldwide famous as he is having various awards and recognitions on his name. The cars built by Rick has been featured and published in numerous International publications. His vehicles continue to take him on the top.

Rick Dore

Full Name Rick Dore
Birth Date Under Review
Birth City New York
Nationality American
Net Worth $3 Million
Source of Income Car Builder
Annual Salary $250,000
Ethnicity White
Wife Susan

Dore, a classic car legend popularly known for his apparent imagination has been in the custom car designing from decades. As no assets and net worth of Rick Dore has been disclosed yet the resources revealed of the Garage he acquired where he has a number of cars which he rebuilds and modifies. However it is estimated that the total net worth of Rick Dore should be in between $3 to 4 million dollar. He has been working with the Discovery show “RUSTED DEVELOPMENT” where his custom designs for cars have been included.

On Grand National Roadster Show, Rick’s and James Hetfield’s creation named “Black Pearl” has won all the categories of nominations. A unique style and high top choice have made Rick popular. Rick specializes in considerable stylish and fabulous modifications from start to finish and he only believes in best quality, which assists in making his automotive creations worthy of the industry’s top respects. Rick has been awarded with many awards in his career span.

Rick Dore has been able to provide noteworthy achievements in today’s ultimate showplace cinemas. It is because of his passion for constantly searching and rebuilding American roadsters which granted him much popularity. After three big models he made for Ford Motor Company, General Motors and the Daimler Motor Chrysler Company, his fame grew and became famous all over the world. His cars have been featured on the covers of new designs and numerous other international publications. He has also been featured and interviewed by many, television channels like ESPN and online outlets also included him. Rick Dore is a master in building cars and is the host of Reality Cable Television Series “Lords of the Car Hoards”; which debuted on Discovery channel.

Rick Dore built a large collection of car designs and won top awards in his custom cars. His creations are among the best because of their uniqueness and style. He has built cars by traditionally favored on one hand and represent his ability and his hardworking instincts on the other.

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  1. Arun s

    This guy has an unique ability to see beauty where it’s often not. A visionary of sorts with a lot of raw talent and ability. Small wonder at how successful and popular his creations have been and how far he’s come and still continues to aspire for greater goals.
    The numerous awards and endorsements are testimony to his ability to transform many great American classics into even greater prominence and establish a hallmark.
    Where the industry standard for excellence is generally five stars ( 5⭐️) it’s likely he garners the Sun&Moon as well. Often times if you strive to go above and beyond, I feel you deserve like recognition, that’s all!


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