Roberto Cavalli

By | March 1, 2016

With a net worth of $500 million as at the end of 2015, Roberto Cavalli is a wealthy man with lots of properties and multiple sources of income from fashion designing and owning furniture company, perfume collection and chains of restaurants in Milan, Miami, Dubai and other top cities in the world.

dollarNet Worth – $500 Million

Roberto Cavalli Profile


Full Name: Roberto Cavalli

Annual Salary: $20 Million

Birth Date

Birthday15th of November 1940

Ethnicity: Italian

Height & Weight

Height and Weight

1.73 m / 5.8 feet

70 Kg



Wife: Eva Maria Duringer

Ex-Wife: Silvanella Giannoni (m. 1964–1974)

The breakdown of Roberto Cavalli shows that he earns over $1 million each day which is far more than an average human being will ever make in 40 years of hard works. Roberto Cavalli has been enjoying his substantial wealth for years and he owns customized exotic cars as well as houses including his mansion in Tuscany that is worth over $600 million.

He own Roberto Cavalli fashion designing line of designer wears. His furniture label is called Roberto Cavalli Home. This 75 year old Italian was born in the city of Florence and he took special interest in fashion designing at a tender age which helped him grow his fashion designing line into a popular brand that many celebrities love to don.

Roberto Cavalli beautiful house

Roberto Cavalli beautiful house

Roberto Cavalli, who attended Art Institute in Italy, has worked in various locations around the world including Paris, Barcelona, Miami, Dubai, Saint Barth, Milan and other places. Many top supermodels have worked with Roberto Cavalli line of fashion wears and others can only dream of being opportune to work with a prestigious fashion designer like this.

Yacht of Roberto Cavalli

This renowned fashion designer has 5 grown up children from his 2 previous marriages. His latest marriage is to Eva Cavalli, a woman he met when he was made a judge at the 1978 Miss Universe beauty pageant. They started dating after meeting and they got married barely two years after.

Roberto Cavalli Net Worth $500 Million
Name Roberto Cavalli
Source of Wealth Fashan Designer
Yearly Income $20 Million
Monthly Income $1.6 Million
Weekly Income $400,000
Daily Income $57,000

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