Rock Hudson left huge Net Worth behind

By | April 10, 2017

1960s actor Rock Hudson was born in 1985, left a net worth of $22 million in 1985. Check out his biography, ethnicity, family and death story. Roy Harold Scherer Jr. popularly known as Rock Hudson was a famous American actor. Belonging to the Hollywood Golden Age, Hudson was chiefly in the leading roles and was the heartthrob of the ladies.

Rock Hudson

Full Name Rock Hudson
Birth Date November 17, 1925
Net Worth $22 Million
Source of Income Acting
Annual Salary $1,200,000
Ethnicity German, Swiss-German, English and Irish
Wife Phyllis Gates (1955-1958)
Passed Away October 2, 1985

Roy was born on November 17, 1925 in Winnekta, Illinois, United States. His mother Katherine Wood was a telephone operator and his father was an auto mechanic. Following the Great Depression, his father abandoned them and Roy’s mother remarried. Roy’s school life was nothing remarkable and he was termed as a quiet and shy boy running average daily chores. He participated in the choir and school plays but was rejected as he could not remember his lines by heart. He graduated from New Tier High School during World War II.

Roy started working as an usher when he was a teenager and was then attracted towards acting. He received training at Great Lakes Naval Training station and was appointed as an aircraft mechanic in Philippines. After returning to San Francisco he shifted to Los Angeles in order to pursue acting. There he applied for dramatics in Southern California University but due to bad grades was rejected. Roy did odd jobs and truck driving till he was spotted by talent scout, Henry Wilson.

Roy landed up with a side role in Fighter Squadron in the year 1948. It took an unbelievable 38 takes to deliver his only line properly. Due to his good looks and photogenic face, Roy landed up with offers in magazines and papers and soon shot into fame. He was trained and groomed.

Roy received his first major role in the movie Magnificent Obsessions in 1954 which turned out to be commercially successful as well. Few other top acclaimed movies are Lover Come Back, Pillow Talk, Giant, Dynasty, Seconds, Send Me No Flowers and MacMillan & Wife which earned his several accolades.

Roy received his screen name Rock Hudson which he admitted not liking it. He was trained in horseback riding and fencing. Hudson was believed to be a homosexual as revealed by Confidential Magazine in 1955. He married Phyllis Gates in 1955 and got separated within 3 years of marriage. Gates received alimony of $250 every week for 10 years!

Hudson is childless and never remarried. In his later years he appeared in TV serials and his popularity decreased. In 1984, Hudson was diagnosed with HIV AIDS. He kept that a secret and traveled for treatment. A year later his health started deteriorating and he died at his home The Castle in Beverly Hills on October 2, 1985. His disease caused a stir amongst the general public about homo sexualism and HIV funding was propagated. His former lover Marc Christian charged his secretary for hiding the true facts. Later certain books revealed that Hudson had actually acquired the disease through multiple blood transfusions during a complicated heart surgery in 1981.

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