Rodie Sanchez – Biography, Net Worth, Ethnicity

By | March 31, 2017

Rodie Sanchez is a retired detective whose biography revealed his net worth, family, ethnicity, wife, children. He came on Discovery channel. A detective and a TV actor, Rodie Sanchez was born in 1970. He is tall, height 6 feet 1 inches (195 cm) and has good physique; weight is 171 pounds pr 78 kilos. His eye color is Blue and Hair color is Black. His current residence is Louisiana. In free time, he takes care of his chickens, goats, ponies and donkeys on his property.

Rodie Sanchez

Full Name Rodie Sanchez
Birth Date 1970
Net Worth $350 Thousand
Source of Income TV Personality
Annual Salary $100 Thousand
Ethnicity White
Wife Leda

RODIE was fully dedicated Investigator. He started work from Iberville Parish Sheriff’s office, just 15 miles from the state capitol, Baton Rouge. He dedicated his 32 years in this job and then took the retirement from the working career. In his business, he rarely saw any good thing. Sanchez thinks that he is an old school; flat foot detective knows nothing about latest policing techniques and working procedure. He is trying to fit in this new high tech world of modern police for solving the cases with advanced technology. He prefers getting information through words instead of through the Smartphone.
In 2016, Rodie took a decision of coming out of his retirement, because 19 years ago he promised his mother for finding the culprit behind his daughter’s death. However, he could not fulfill his promise to the mother of Eugenie Birsfontaine (victim). That is the reason he came up again. He did two seasons of a Discovery Channel TV show- Killing Field that is a true crime series. The show is true crime thriller. This is the Channel’s first crime show.

There is no official declaration regarding the net worth of Rodie, however it is estimated to be about $350 thousand.  He used to keep the updates secret.

He is married to the woman named Leda. They have a son and a cute grandson KOHEN. His son is working as the owner of a truck company. He has a big family and many of them were imprisoned because of choosing wrong direction in their lives.

13 thoughts on “Rodie Sanchez – Biography, Net Worth, Ethnicity

  1. Kathleen Kistler

    I trust Rodie’s moral compass. He makes me not miss an episode. 😉

  2. Cee

    Rodie is truly one of a kind… front…he is out there…out spoken….compassionate and devoted…..

  3. Phil Hicks

    I too would like to know about Rodie’s health.. Figured he was a goner from the things they were saying concerning his health last year in the show.. Hopefully he is doing better now! Phil Hicks

  4. Linda Rouster

    Is Rodie Sanchez still alive? If so, why isn’t he on the new episode of The Killing Fields?

  5. Pat Shebanow

    I,m a Baton Rouge girl and love Rodie, why is he not on the show? Miss him, how is his health?

  6. Patty stanczyk

    Please bring back Rodie and the other ones from Louisiana that was best tv. We loved all the detectives .

  7. Janet

    It appears as though the show is trying to make another Rodie and Aubry out if the 2 new guys in this season. Discovery, it doesn’t work. There is only one Rodie Sanchez and Aubry. They make the show! I’m watching this 1st episode but unless those other 2 come back, I probably won’t watch the rest of the season.

  8. Barbara Welder

    I Don’t like Season 2.
    You had the real deal with Rodie and Aubrey. Try to understand that it had a sort of off beat, earthy, down deep to earth tone that resonates from a unique
    area of Louisiana. This cannot be copied and made over
    anywhere else.

  9. Lori brant

    I can’t even keep up with this new season. It’s just not the same. Come back to the south in Louisiana! There are plenty of unsolved murders here that y’all can focus on. I truly hope that the detectives at the Iberville Parish Sheriffs Office can solve this old case! God speed to them all!

    1. Vicki

      I think it stinks and these new guys are not even close being like the originals. You guys just do t listen to what the people are saying. Clean your ears out so you can hear better and get your eyes tested so you can read what people are saying.

  10. Trish J

    How is Rodie doing health wise? Why is he “sitting this one out?”


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