Roman Abramovich Net Worth, House, Yacht, Girlfriend

By | November 8, 2016

The Russian businessman Roman Abramovich has a net worth of $8.4 billion usd as per Forbes in 2017. Check out his current girlfriend, wife, house to yacht. A very well known Entrepreneur and a multi millionaire, Roman Abramovich story is that of from Rags to Riches. Roman was born and brought up in Russia. With multiple investments and business fortunes, Roman has managed to earn big bucks and be on top.

Roman Abramovich Net Worth

Name Roman Arkadyevich Abramovich
Net Worth $8.3 Billion
Source of Income Businessman
Annual Salary $400 Million
Monthly Income $33 Million
Weekly Income $8,250,000
Daily Income $1,178,500
Birth Date October 24, 1966
Ethnicity Belarusian Jewish and Ukrainian
Height 1.78 m / 5.10 feet
Weight 80 kg
Girlfriend Dasha Zhukova
Ex-Wife Olga Yurevna Lysova (1987–1990)
Irina Malandina (1991–2007)

Roman had to face many struggles in his early life. He became orphan at the age of two itself. He was then raised by his uncle. Roman was in Soviet Army but soon left it to work as a street trader and a mechanic in a factory. Roman even traded imported dolls from his house. When there was a privatisation in Soviet Russia, Roman could legally have his toy manufacturing company. The Toy manufacturing company yielded him good profits and with those profits, he invested in various other businesses like Oil Companies, security recruitment companies etc. Soon he became a famous entrepreneur and joined Sibneft Company’s managing board.

Roman Abramovich’s HouseRoman Abramovich House

In the year 2003, Roman took over the ownership of famous football club, Chelsea. Along with football club ownership, he even acquired majority of shares in Evraz, a steel enterprise. Roman is even associated with Russian National Team and PFC CSKA Moscow. Roman owns a giant Yacht, Eclipse which he purchased for $ 4, 00,000 Million and was the largest Yacht till the super giant yacht Azzam took the name from it. The price of the Eclipse Yacht is approx $1.5 billion. The yacht have high anti paparazzi system, Missile defence system, helicopter pads, swimming pools, bulletproof glasses and many more. Roman owns a Boeing 767-33A Jet, which is decorated with gold and chestnuts.

Roman’s leads a very luxurious lifestyle and why not, he has achieved so much in his entire life through fortune. He has several other Yachts, jets, sports and luxurious cars and private islands. He is an art collector and is an active philanthropist. Almost $3 billion has been given as donation byRoman for Chukotka area for building schools, hospitals and essential infrastructure.

Roman Abramovich with his girlfriend Dasha Zhukova

Roman Abramovich with his girlfriend Dasha Zhukova

Roman has married three times and all the times he had not been so lucky. In his initial days, he married Olga Yurevna but soon they divorced. He then married Irina with whom he have five children but again took divorce. He then had a relationship with Zhukova with whom he has 2 children.

Roman Abramovich’s Yatch

Roman Abramovich Yacht

Roman has earned his fortune through multiple businesses in these past years making him earn big amount. But in recent years, he also had to face financial crises and had a loss of almost 3 Billion pounds due to financial global crisis. Still his net worth as of 2017 is $8.3 billion making him among the richest person on the Earth. If you have  any other interesting facts about Roman, then do share here.

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