Roman Atwood Net Worth in 2017 as per Forbes

By | December 26, 2016

The youtube star Roman Atwood net worth is 3.5 million in 2017. Born in 1983 at Ohio, Atwood also has other business, that help his overall worth to increase. Roman Atwood is a name of a popular comedian, who rocked the YouTube platform by his outstanding performances. He has chosen the YouTube platform to post the prank kind of videos and he received a tremendous response from the viewers.  He is actually a popular vlogger from America who has captivated the hearts of the world viewers. The basic subjects of his vlogs are his own life, the style of his daily living. His YouTube channel, “RomanAtwood” has more than twenty million subscribers from all over the world.

Net Worth – $3.5 Million

Roman Atwood Net WorthName: Roman Bernard Atwood

Annual Salary: $1,000,000

DOB: 28th May 1983

Height: 1.76 m / 5.8 feet

Girlfriend: Brittney Smith

Ethnicity: Dutch, English, Irish, Scottish, French, Gibraltarian, French, German and Welsh

How much is RomanAtwood Net Worth in 2017?

Roman Atwood has proved himself as a successful entrepreneur too; he has an online store with the name, Smile More. He sells hoodies, T-shirts, bracelets and many more men’s items. RomanAtwood net worth is now approx, $3.5 million. He is also listed in our richest Youtuber too.

Roman Atwood Family & Biography

Millersport, Ohio this is the place where this comic star was born on 28th May 1983. He brought up in extreme poverty with his brother Dale and his parents Cart Dale and Susan Atwood. He was quite determined from his early childhood that, he wants to be rich and successful. Since his high school days, he began the career in media field by producing and filming videos. Firstly he came out to the professional world with DVD series, named “The Nerd Herd”. He sold the video with lump sum money in the Warped Tour.  His passion for life is film, video, and movies, so he worked on several commercials in Colombia and he was also the part of many film projects there. He had a desire to do more in this field, so he made his own channel at You Tube, Sketch Empire. It was also to present his comedy videos.

In RomanAtwood, he has more funny videos, which he made in his daily life including the popular, Plastic Ball Prank, Anniversary Prank, Killing my      Kid Prank etc. Roman has released a movie, Natural Born Pranksters with his two fellows. But it was a flop attempt.

Is Atwood married?

He married to Shanna Riley on 2001 and they have a son together too. After his divorce with Shanna, he is now in a long-term relationship with his girlfriend Brittney and they have a child and Brittney is expecting the second child now.

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