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By | September 18, 2016

Participated in Survivor TV series, Russell Hantz’s net worth has been evaluated of $2 million. He was married to Melanie Hantz, find his biography and wiki as on 2017. Russell Hantz is an American television personality and a successful entrepreneur who has made his name in the showbiz industry gradually. His business and income from the television industry has fetched him a net worth of approximately $2 million.

Russell Hantz

Name Russell Hantz
Net Worth $2 Million
Source of Income TV Personality
Annual Salary $400,000
Monthly Income $33,000
Weekly Income $8,000
Birth Date October 10, 1972
Ethnicity White
Height 1.67 m
Weight N/A
Girlfriend Single
Ex-Wife Melanie Hantz

Hantz was born in 1972 on October 10th. His birthplace is Dayton in Texas, United States. He is believed to be a White-Caucasian by ethnicity. From his childhood Hantz had the dream of owning his own business and he made it true by owning an oil company named Hantz Tankering Services.

Being the owner of an oil company was not enough for Hantz. Although famous as a businessman, Hantz always liked adventure and popularity. He was approached in 2009 to participate in the show titled Survivor: Samoa, a reality game show where Hantz became the winner, his luck favouring majorly. He won the title of a Sprint player and was awarded a sum of $100,000 cash. Hantz was considered one of the most popular and notorious contestants in the show. He won the first season of the show and went on to participate in other sequels titled Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains and Survivor: Redemption Island. This bald bold Texan attracted both fans and haters for his razor cut behaviour and cunning strategies.

Hantz started off the show lying about his background about surviving hurricane Katrina and being a daredevil fire fighter. He did so to weaken the audience and his fellow participants to gain sympathy and popularity. He found immunity idol by chance and got the opportunity to be in the safe zone. Hantz appeared in other shows like The Late Night Show with David Letterman, Flipped Off, promotion of Redemption Island and TV Guide Magazine. He hosted Flipped Off, a house flipping reality show for seven episodes in 2012 and rejected to host round The World In 80 Days to be shooted at the same time. Hantz was the last minute substitute for Redemption Island and was termed as a Survivor Whore by his rival Mariano.

Hantz was dragged into a lawsuit and charged a fine of $5 million for liquidation damages and leaking information during the show in 2011. He was married to Melanie Hantz, now divorced and has four children, two of who are twin girls. Hantz has an older brother named Shawn and a younger brother named Willie with whom he competed in Big Brother 14. He also owns a bar in Louisiana named Bootleggers. Hantz was once charged of battery against a woman in his bar and arrested for the same in April 2010. He currently resides in Dayton, Texas.

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