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By | November 11, 2017

Mexican Youtuber Salomondrin net worth is estimated about $10 million. Check out his wiki including height, age, house and car he own and his job detail in 2017. Alejandro Saloman or Salomandrin is social media name of Alejandro Saloman. He is a renowned young film producer, associated with Helios Productions. He is Mexico born but currently based in Los Angeles, USA. He emphasizes upon utilizing original content for his films. Apart from being a film producer, Saloman is a young and dynamic entrepreneur. He is the owner of a real estate company. He is also the founder of an Investment company named Saloman Investment Partners. He has luxury smart supercars like Lamborghini, BMW etc. He has a commanding personality with a height of 5’11”. Image Source:


Full Name Alejandro Salomon
Birth Date December 7, 1984
Nationality American
Height 5.11 feet / 1.80 m
Parents Ari Sanders and Alejandro Salomon
Net Worth $15 Million
Source of Income YouTube Artist
Annual Salary $2 Million
Sibling David Salomon
Children N/A
Ethnicity Hispanic / Latino
Wife Belen Salomon

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Alejandro Saloman was born on 1984 in Mexico City. Since childhood he was passionate about films. So he decided he must go to America to achieve his aim. At the age of 19, he shifted to United States.He started a company known as ‘Helios Productions.  Presently, he supervises the overall production. He also takes care of the elementary aspects during the process of filmmaking.

Alejandro Salman is a director, actor, screenplay writer and investor. His You Tube presence has contributed a lot to his net worth. Salomandrin is social media name of Alejandro Saloman. He has a net worth of 28 million USD. His best known movies are Pocket Listing and The True Story of Che Guevara.

In his Instagram posts, he has shown photographs depicting his affluent lifestyle. He has also created podcasts about cars and this is another way he earns huge cash. Salomandrin stays in the largest house of Mexico. Some of his cars are Mercedes 4×4 squared, Rolls Royce Phantom, Porsche Carrera GT, Porsche 911 R. He has a lot of knowledge of cars and enjoys knowing more about them. He likes to have the latest collection to generate interest in viewers. He promotes his cars in videos uploaded on his Salomandrin channel. He strongly suggests that cars unite people. He also deals with sales of cars. His upcoming movie would be based on his cars.

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