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By | June 5, 2017

Captain Sandro Maniaci shared hi bio along with net worth, height, age, family and girlfriend who appeared in Wicked Tuna show. He gets handsome salary too. Captain Sandro Maniaci is an American reality star famous for his catches of the blue-fin tunas. He is the first Captain and the Mate of the fishing boat featured on national television. His earning runs in several hundred thousand dollars every season.

Sandro Maniaci

Full Name Sandro  Maniaci
Nationality American
Height 5.10 feet
Net  Worth $350 Thousand
Source Of Earning Reality Television Star
Annual Salary $100 Thousand
Parents Under Review
Ethnicity White
Girlfriend Single

Maniaci was born in the city of Gloucester in Cape Ann, Essex County, Massachusetts. He is an American by nationality. Although his exact birth date is unknown, he is assumed to be 29 years old.  Maniaci was majorly brought up in his birth place and was from his very childhood exposed to the fishing world. He took up fishing as fish takes to water and gradually became an expert in the same. Early in his age, Maniaci started fishing in local ponds trained by his father and his uncle, both being expert in the art of catching the biggest fishes available. While in grade school, Maniaci caught sunfish in neighboring ponds and while in high school; his mother accompanied him to the docks to observe him prepare bait for catching striped bass. Maniaci got his first major break in his career by getting an opportunity to work in the fishing boat out in the expansive sea. In no time the crew was approached by National Geographic to film their everyday life out into the sea catching the biggest and heaviest Tunas in the show Wicked Tuna. Over a million viewers watched the show and Maniaci surged to the top having thousands of fan following on social networking sites with about 9167 followers on Instagram and 13K followers on Twitter.

The show is set in the Gloucester region of Massachusetts revolving around the crew of fishing vessel captained by Dave Carraro as well as other teams as they set out into the North Altantic waters in search of the giant Tunas. The teams of fishing experts compete against each other to procure the maximum catch. Maniaci’s rose to fame through his dedication, tedious work and his dexterity in catching the biggest tuna fishes. His hard work paid off when he won the Bluefin Blowout Tournament with a catch weighing 1,050 pounds. He has several thousand pounds of Tuna under his name and still fidgets to catch even a bigger one. Maniaci runs an online apparel store for sport fish by the name and delivers high performance clothing for the people who live fish. He also promotes other fishing items like cutters, pliers, knives, shears, tag skiers, harpoons, de-hookers, sheaths, scales and other fishing supplies.

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