Snowbird Brown Biography, Net Worth, Age, Facts

By | March 17, 2017

Snowbird Brown is a young girl revealed her biography who appeared in The Alaskan Bush show. Check her net worth, wiki, real age, family and more. Being a television star, she has taken part in the Discovery reality show “The Alaskan Bush” with the other members of her family. They live in Hoonah of Alaska and also in Chichagof Island. They live there in the wilderness with her five brothers, parents and one sister. Her parents Billy and Ami Brown have joined the crew of Alaskan Bush on 2014 and became a subject of the show.

Snowbird Brown

Full Name Snowbird Brown
Birth Date November 18, 1994
Nationality American
Net Worth $100,000
Source of Income TV Personality
Annual Salary $60,000
Ethnicity White
Boyfriend N/A

Snowbird Brown is the first girl child of the family after their five sons and she was born on 18th November of 1994. She is really brave and independent from her childhood day and she has a keen love for outdoors from very early days also. She spends most of days in Out Door, even when her other family members are at home. Snowbird is quite passionate about fishing and climbing but when don’t have any daring work to do, she climbs the mountain just to see the deer.

This young and energetic girl from Brown family is quite different from the other members of the family; she spends her time by writing and drawing.

Riverside, ocean side or creeks are her favorite places to spend the leisure time.  Alaskan Bush is a different kind of reality show, the show opened just after their house was burned by the Alaskan Authorities and they were traveling from here and there in Alaska to settle down and to make their own homestead.

But with the time being, they got their own place in Chichagof Island by their hard work and transportation and wood services. They are living a wild life there without any electricity.

Snowbird is passionate about the pets also and she has a huge collection of different kinds of pets including cats, dogs, frogs, squirrel and Red Eared Slider Turtles. She actually collects all types of pets. Snowbird loves independent driving also.

She is quite different from the other young girls of her age, she doesn’t have her own social media profiles but you will find her fan pages on Facebook with many pictures and news about her.

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