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By | February 15, 2018

Irishmodel Sophia Mitchell finally revealed her wiki from age, height, siblings, family to net worth detail. She is an Instagram and Youtube personality, currently single and has no boyfriend. One of the upcoming starlets in the model world is this Irish mysterious girl Sophia Mitchell. She has become hugely popular amongst the giant social media platforms such as Instagram as well as YouTube. She was born on 2 August, 2000 in the city of Belfast, Northern Ireland. She has two siblings named Mannon and Sadi. The famous modeling agency named ‘Models 1 London’ first discovered this young talent Irish star and since then, she has evolved as a reputed model with a huge fan following. It has been found that in her childhood, she had problems regarding digestion and thus was provided with a feeding tube. Now, in today’s fast growing digital world, she has certainly become one of the stars to reckon with. image source :

sophia mitchell

Sophia Mitchell Biography

Full Name: Sophia Mitchell

Birth Date: 2nd August 2001

Nationality: Irish

Education: Under Graduate

Parents: N/A

Sibling: Shannon And Madi

Occupation: Modeling

Height: 1.58 m / 5.2 feet

Net Worth: $150 Thousand

Ethnicity: White

Children: N/A

Boyfriend: Single

YouTube was the platform where she gained all the initial fame. Her first official photo shoot took place when she was just 14. Quite an experience, isn’t it?  She has successfully managed to make videos on various abstract topics which are somehow related to fashion and YouTube proved to be her as sister. She is quite a dancer as well. This young Irish starlet aspires to have a brand to her name, making it popular world-wide and also be a part of the big screen. Other Youtube personalities like Tati WestbrookTommy Sotomayor’s Bio and Vitaly Zdorovetskiy detail can be found here.

She is now definitely of tender age. So that is why she has not yet decided to be in a serious relationship. She is dating no one currently. The young model is 5 feet 9 inches long and possesses a magnificent figure which has proven to be conducive in her beginning road to success so far. She has got a very sensually expressive face.

She has collaborations with popular Instagram stars like Rendall Coleby and Molly O’Malia which has helped in the exponential rise of her popularity. Her popularity has been steadily increasing as she has now more than 700,000 followers on Instagram as well as over 330,000 subscriber on YouTube. All this for a 16 year old imagine!!!

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