Stefano Gabbana Net Worth

By | September 19, 2016

Italian fashion designer Stefano Gabbana has an updated net worth of $1.41 billion as per Forbes. He dated with a girlfriend but now single in 2017. Born on November 14, 1962 in Milan, Italy in a Venetian family, Stefano Gabbana dreamt of being a graphic designer but destiny has another plan for him. This Italian designer and Co founder of Dolce and Gabbana luxury fashion label, hailed from a poor family with his father, a printing factory worker and his mother, slogging in a laundry service. He finished his graduation from the ‘Istituto Superiore per le Industrie Artistiche’ which is a design Institute, located in Rome.

Stefano Gabbana

Name Stefano Gabbana
Net Worth $1.41 Billion
Source of Income Fashion Designer
Annual Salary $10,000,000
Monthly Income $833,000
Weekly Income $20,8000
Birth Date November 14, 1962
Ethnicity  N/A
Height 1.85 m
Weight 75 Kg
Girlfriend Single
Partner Domenico Dolce (1982– 2003)

As per Forbes in 2017, Stefano Gabbana net worth is approximately $1.7 billion. He lists among the top 1000 richest people in the Forbes Billionaires List and among the top dozen richest people in Italy. Despite his aspiration, his first job was as an atelier in 1980. This was destiny as this paved the way of his meeting Domenico Dolce, his partner and his ex-love. Through him, he procured the position of assistant manager to designer Giorgio Correggiari. Dolce worked for him as well. Under the guidance of both, Stefano realized his passion and flair for fashion designing and honed his skill. Within two years, the pair was ready to branch out and decided to work independently.

Their dreams realized in 1983 with the pair launching their fashion company, ‘Dolce and Gabbana’ in 1983. They worked as freelancers and presented their first women line in 1985. They got a chance to launch their label in a big way in the Milan Fashion Week in 1986. Soon, they became Hollywood’s favorite with Madonna giving them a break in 1993. By 2016, they had launched their first Abaya and Hijab collection in 2016. Animal prints and flamboyant fashion remain their signature style.

The open relationship between the pair ended in 2003 but their professional relationship continues. Despite a tax evasion controversy, he owes several properties on the French Riviera. With numerous accolades and honors already below his belt, he looks ready to reach new heights.

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