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By | May 12, 2016

Finest English comedian actor Stephen Fry has an estimated net worth of $30 million. Born in Hampstead, UK, today he is also a journalist and writer. When he was young he got jailed because of identity theft through the use of fraudulent credit cards. This incident became one of the reasons why he got expelled from his school. He was incarcerated for more than three months for this offense. After this brief episode in his life, he pursued and seriously focused on studying literature.

Stephen Fry Net Worth: $ 30 Million

Stephen Fry Profile

While training for an acting club in England, he met his on screen comic partner; Hugh Laurie. They went on to make lots of feature films together and he also got deluged with offers to star on his own TV show and an action fantasy film. He has composed four books and is a regular host on various TV shows. He has also written his own documentary about his personal journey regarding his psychological condition. He won an Emmy award for his remarkable portrayal and narration of this.

Full Name Stephen John Fry
Net Worth $30 Million
Date of Birth August 24, 1957
Source of Income Acting
Monthly Income $250,000
Weekly Income $62,500
Daily Income $8,900

His other literary works include writing and publishing four books with different themes and topics. He also became a host of a local quiz show which started airing since 2003. His other sources of income came from a variety of sources like; the revenues he earned from his bestselling books, his hosting jobs, and audio book voice recordings of a popular fantasy novel, acting stints on action movies, radio commentator jobs, and voice acting role for the leading character of an online video game.

Stephen Fry Net Worth Popular actor Stephen Fry

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