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By | April 5, 2016
Steve Harris Salary in 2017 $2.6 Million
Steve Harris Net Worth $60 Million
Source of Income Musician
Name Stephen Percy Steve Harris
Date of Birth 12th of March 1956
Monthly Income $216,000
Weekly Income $54,000
Daily Income $7,700

Iron Maiden has seen success like never before. From its inception till present date, there has been one member that has remained a rock, constant through all the changes and that is none other than Steve Harris. One of the founders of Iron Maiden, Steve Harris showcases a wide variety of talents. He is the main bassist, the occasional keyboardist, the main songwriter, a back up vocalist, and the one who produces the live music videos. With such a wide range of talents and such a colorful background, it is hardly surprising that his net worth is estimated to be about $60 million.

Steve Harris profile

Full Name Stephen Percy Steve Harris
Net Worth $60 Million
Profession Musician
Annual Salary $2.5 Million
Birth Date 12th of March 1956
Ethnicity White
Height 1.83 m / 6 feet
Weight N/A
Girlfriend N/A
Ex-Wife Lorraine Harris

Born in Leytonstone, Essex, England, Stephen Percy Harris grew up hoping to be a professional footballer. In fact, he was good enough to get scouted for West Ham United, a team he loved since he was nine years old, by Wally St. Pier. Somewhere along his early teens, he heard and started loving rock music. It was around this time that his ambitions shifted from the playing field to the stage. He realized that he no longer wanted to play football, but be a musician instead.

Other musician like Nicko Mcbrain and Chris Martin who are into the same file as Steve do.

Upon having this realization, he bought a bass for himself, finding that a drum kit was too big to fit into his house and proceeded to teach himself how to play. Completely self-taught, he decided to join a band just 10 months into buying the Bass. This band, known as the Gypsy Kiss played multiple gigs in primarily two pubs- Cart and Horses in Maryland Point and Bridge house in Canning Town. Unfortunately, the band split up and Harris decided to try his luck elsewhere. He auditioned for the position of bass in a band called Smiler in 1974.

Steve Harris’s House

Earlier this year, he was in the news for selling his eleven bedroom mansion for £4.95 million which is almost equal to the 7 million dollar.

This is where his talents started to shine. The songwriter in him flourished and he created many compositions, often with Dennis Wilcock and Doug Sampson- who later joined Iron Maiden. It wasn’t long before Harris left the band, however, upset that they considered his songs too complicated to play. It was this time that a legend was born. Iron Maiden, the world famous band was created on Christmas 1975.Harris worked many odd jobs including architectural draughtsman and street sweeper before the band signed on with the label EMI in 1979.

His life not only consists of his band but of his family and his love for football as well. He still supports West Ham United and occasionally plays with his own football team the ‘Maidonians’. He has four children from his previous marriage to Lorraine, all of them are involved in the music industry in some way or the other. 2012 saw a career leap for Harris as he released his solo album British Lion.

Steve Harris net worth Famous musician Steve Hattis

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