Stuart Woods Net Worth – Wiki, Wife, Age (Novelist)

By | June 7, 2017

Renowned novelist is from United States and Stuart Woods net worth is nearly $42 million. Check out his wiki, wife, age, education, family and facts. Stuart Woods is a well known American novelist and has proved his extraordinary writing skills through his bestselling books.

Stuart Woods

Full Name Stuart Woods
Birth Date January 09, 1938
Nationality American
Height 5.11 feet / 1.81 m
Parents Dorothy Lee and Stuart Franklin
Stuart Woods Net Worth $42 Million
Source of Income Novelist
Annual Salary $3 Million
Weekly Wages $62,500
Ethnicity White
Wife Jeanmarie Cooper

Woods was born in January 9, 1938 in Manchester, Georgia, United States. He graduated from University of Georgia in 1959 procuring a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology. Soon after this, Woods moved to New York after two months of training in the Air National Guard. In New York he started his career in an advertising agency and again relocated to London and continued working in the advertising agency in Knightsbridge. After three years in London, Woods decided to move to Ireland and here he lived in almost solitude, spending his time writing a story about his family which was passed onto him as a child. In Ireland he lived in a renovated barn in the Lough Cutra Castle in County Galway. He only spent two days in a week in Dublin for his advertisement work.

Few other well known author like William Shatner, Sophie Hannah and Danielle Steel has similar worth.

During his stay in Dublin, Woods took to sailing in 1973 and brought himself a Mirror. He named it after his beloved dog Fred. His simple hobby turned out to be his biggest passion and in no time Woods started competing in races. After several entries, wins and losses, Woods decided to compete in the OSTAR in 1976. In 1974, Woods was able to buy a yacht with the fortune his grandfather had left behind for him. He practiced for several months and learnt celestial navigation. Woods wrote the book Green Skipper which was published in 1977 by Stanford Maritime. Yet another notable book is ‘A Couple’s Guide to the Country Inns and Ireland for which Woods had to visit and travel to various restaurants, eating joints and establishments in order to compile the book. Woods first novel Chief was released in 1981. In total Woods has till date published one travel book, over 60 novels and a memoir in 29 years of career.

Living a solitary life, Woods finally decided to marry in 2013. Woods and his wife Jeanmarie lives in Key West, Florida; New Mexico and Mount Desert Island. Woods assets include a Citation M2, Cessna Citation Mustang, an antique yacht and Hinckley powerboat. He is a licensed pilot.

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  1. Rafael Tovar

    Started reading the Stone Barrington books way into the series and loved them. Went to a used book store and bought them from the first one and am at number 40.

  2. Patricia. Jaeckel

    White Cargo. – well written. Great story line. Great book. Sadly tho, the author’s Acknowledgements forgot to include God although His name occurs frequently through the Book.
    Swearwords would have preferable!!

    1. Patricia. Jaeckel

      Good Storyline. Lots of interesting detail. Very good read. However in the long list of Acknowledgements, Mr Cargo forgot to mention God whose name is used throughout the Book White Cargo is spoilt by the use of blasphemy throughout. Any swearword would have been preferable!!


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