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By | April 9, 2016

Ted Dibiase used to call himself as The Million Dollar Man whose net worth is today of $ 1 Million and though he is not one of the richest wrestlers, he is relatively comfortable financially more than an average human being is.

Ted Dibiase Net Worth $1 Million
Ted Dibiase Salary in 2017 $90,000
Source of Income Wrestling
Monthly Income $7,500
Weekly Income $1,800
Daily Income $250

dollarNet Worth – $1 Million

Ted Dibiase


Full Name: Theodore Marvin Ted DiBiase Sr

Annual Salary: $90,000

Birth Date

Birthday18th of January 1954


Ethnicity: white

Height & Weight

Height and Weight

1.91 m / 6.3 feet

102 kg



Wife: Melanie DiBiase

Ex-Wife: Jaynet Foreman

Since his retirement in 1994, he has worked as creative for the WWE and Smackdown! And he has been involved in Christian ministration, book authoring as well as part-time wrestling appearances which have all contributed to his wealth.

Ted Willis and Helen Nevins are the parents of Ted Dibiase but he was raised mostly by his mother and adopted father, Iron Mike Dibiase, who was a professional wrestler until the death of Iron Mike Dibiase when he was only 15 and his grandparents started taking care of him.

As he was growing up, he took up interest in playing football in high school and he was even awarded scholarship through which he went to West Texas State University to study but his prospect of playing football was hampered when he got injured and later left school to pursue his interest in wrestling.

After becoming a professional wrestler in 1975, Ted Dibiase went on to become a great wrestler with lots of fights and competitions. He was WWF Tag Team Champion, Million Dollar Champion, King of the Ring, All Japan Pro Wrestling Champion and so much more. Few years after retiring, Ted Dibiase was inducted into the WWE Hall of fame for his excellent contributions to Wrestling during his active years. He has also been involved in various capacity ever since.

Ted Dibiase has been married twice and he has 3 sons; all his sons are also involved in professional wrestling in one capacity or the other. He is currently enjoying his retirement with his second wife in Clinton, Mississippi.

Ted Dibiase net worth Popular wrestler Ted Dibiase

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