Teddy Riley Net Worth – Height, Age, Wiki, Family

By | November 29, 2017

The 1980s singer Teddy Riley net worth is about $2 million. Check out his height, age to wiki detail that includes his parents, siblings, kids to family detail.  Today he is a well known figure for his significant contribution to contemporary music. His real name is Edward Theodore Riley. He is a singer, instrumentalist, record producer and song writer, with specialization in hip hop and pop varieties. Most importantly, he is a technology artist. Riley is famous as ‘The King’ of New Jack Swing. The 3 time Grammy Award a consistent innovator in the exciting world of music. He was named Teddy Riley by the famous director Barry Michael Cooper.

Teddy Riley

Full Name Edward Theodore Riley
Birth Date October 8, 1967
Nationality American
Height 5.6 feet / 1.70 m
Parents Mildred Riley
Net Worth $2 Million
Source of Income Singer
Annual Salary $250,000
Sibling Markell Riley
Children Dejanee Riley, Nia Riley, Samar Riley, Bobbie Riley, Dante Horne, Taja Riley, Lil Teddy Riley and TJ Riley
Ethnicity Black
Partner Donna Roberts

Riley was born on 8th October in the year 1967. His birthplace is Harlem, New York. He spent his early years in St. Nicholas House, Harlem. Since his early childhood, he was deeply influenced by music. When he was a child of six, he used to play church instruments. During teenage, he formed a band Kids at Work in association with Gene Griffin, a record producer. This band mainly played songs based on rap music.

It’s estimated that the Teddy Riley net worth is $2 million, although sites like Therichest.com claiming $1.5 million which is about a year old post. There is nothing confirmed source about his salary, however it is estimated that he withdraw roughly $250 thousand yearly.

In 1984, Riley started his independent production. His first song as independent musician featured in Billboard Hot 100. In 1987, he became one of the leading members of R&B band titled Guy. At that time, the musical genre ‘Swing Beat’ or ‘New Jack Swing’ had just evolved. Swing Beat’ is formed when the rhythms and production techniques of hip hop and pop are fused with the urban sound of R & B. Riley created such fusions for his new songs and hence catalyzed the popularity of New Jack Swing. He developed innovative ways of playing drums or other musical instruments. He also applied Swing Beat for making remix version of the song Don’t Wanna Fall in Love, which was a blockbuster.

In 1991, he formed the group named Blackstreet. It produced hits like ‘Don’t Leave Me’. It was released in 1997. Riley y also worked in association with Spice Girls’ member Melanie B for ‘ABC 123’. In 2009, he performed with Guy band at BET awards. The King of Swing Beat has promoted brands like Yamaha and AKAI. Riley has a big family with his wife Donna Roberts and 8 kids.

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