The 10 Most Expensive Scotch as of today in World

By | September 2, 2016

We all love Scotch and today I am sharing world’s top 10 most expensive bottles of scotch as of 2017 based on their brand and price. A glass of scotch acts wonders on stressed minds and tiring body. One peg of quality scotch along with lime water or pure water can bring immense refreshment to one’s chaotic minds. Thus, expensive scotch is a huge mood setter and with its exotic flavors it brings delight to a connoisseur of alcohol.

Most Expensive Scotoch

World’s most expensive Scotch

Given below are the list of 10 most expensive and finest quality of scotches in the world, heightened by their rarity , unique flavor, quality and exquisite designed bottles, they are overpriced.


GlenfarclasTo begin with, the first name that strikes one’s mind is Glenfarclas, 1955. This wonderful scotch is a vintage one since its age is 50 years, priced 10,878 dollars.. It is believed that this scotch is the best single malt ever made and it gives out a fine scent of eucalyptus and toffee. It has a taste of charcoal and mixed fruit and has an aftertaste of oaks. The bottle is exquisitely adorned to impart that perfect classy looks.


DalmoreDalmore 50 years old Decanter costs around 11, 000 dollars and is quite in demand for its exotic flavor to relish on and it gives one an unforgettable experience. The scotch comes in fine crystal decanter which is a reminiscent of old European style and it has a subtle aroma making it a more complex scotch. It has got a very strong favor hence water softens its extremity.




Macallan 55

Macallan 55The Macallan is overall 55 year old Lalique Crystal Decanter has an estimated worth of 12,500 dollars. This scotch  whiskey is spicy  with dark  color rosewood, peat of smoke, citrus and oat. This is a smoky expensive scotch and the bottle is designed by master crystal worker making it even more desirable.



MortlachMortlach , its price is around  $28 just for 44.36 ml and its uniqueness lies in the container by which it is held. It is a tear dropped shaped bottle with a mahogany colour sun bleached. This scotch has the best flavor smelling of fruits and snuffed candles .apart from it , has tobacco, dried figs.




Glenfiddich Glenfiddich 1937 has a price of 71,700 dollars and has a rich, warm , smooth style. Its very rare and hence not much is known about its flavor, aroma.




The Macallan 1926

The Macallan 1926The Macallan 1926, fine and rare worth 75,000 dollars. It is basically a dry and concentrated scotch and this scotch boasts of the best malt ever made in the history of distillation. It is famed for its rarity and unique flavor.



Glenfiddich Janet sheed Roberts’Reserve 1955

Glenfiddich Janet sheed Roberts’Reserve 1955Glenfiddich Janet sheed Roberts’Reserve 1955, is quite expensive, costs around 94, 000 dollars. This scotch was made in 1955 and till 2011 it was untouched. It has a typical smell of orange and tastes like barley. This bottle is quite intriguing with its rustic appearance and rarity giving it a prestigious look.



Dalmore 64 Trinitas

Dalmore 64 Trinitas Dalmore 64 Trinitas priced at 153,360 dollars. It has a very strong taste of raisin and Colombian coffee along with a light flavor of orange, marzipan and mango.



Macallan 64

Macallan 64Macallan costs 460,000 dollars, 64 years old and it was created from 3 casks, each a sherry shaped Spanish oak cask.




MacallanMacallan is overpriced (631,850 dollars). It is  raisin, fruits, leather lemon and cherry flavored. There is both green apple and vanilla flavor. Its 70 years age makes it more expensive.



Scotch Name Worth
Glenfarclas $ 10,878
Dalmore $ 11, 000
Macallan 55 $ 12,500
Mortlach $11.54 (44.36 m)
Glenfiddich $ 71,700
The Macallan 1926 $ 75,000
Glenfiddich Janet sheed Roberts’Reserve 1955 $ 94,000
Dalmore 64 Trinitas $ 153,360
Macallan 64 $ 460,000
Macallan $ 631,850

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