The Top 10 Hot and Richest Brazilian Models

By | February 24, 2016

Brazil is the acknowledged home of the top and richest models of the world. The list includes a gathering of beauties that shine and reign in the catwalk. Their wealth and the glamorous life that they lead are looked up to by many women who also yearn to make it big in the world of fashion. These rich Brazilian models are also active in their individual careers and participate in the much awaited and yearly undergarment fashion show; Victoria’s Secret.


Richest Brazilian Models

Here is the list of the Top 10 richest Brazilian Models based on their gross earnings and declared income:

Gisele Bundchen -$315 Million

Gisele BundchenApart from being the most sought after and highly paid model for Victoria’s Secret, 33 year old Giselle Bundchen leads the pack of the richest Brazilian model with a staggering net income that is worth $315 Million in 2014 alone. She is married to the top NFL star (Tom Brady) and looks after their two children.

Adriana Lima – $70 Million

Adriana LimaComing in close to the second spot is Adriana Lima, who made enormous progress in her modelling profession. Her wealth and income accumulate as she worked her way up to become a top Supermodel. She is happily married and has two adorable kids from basketball player Marko Jaric.

Alessandra Ambrosio – $69 Million

Alessandra AmbrosioThe statuesque model has always bagged huge modelling contracts and also one of the exciting models to grace the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. She is also an acclaimed Supermodel and once led the list of the richest Brazilian models (2012).


Ana Beatriz Barros – $22 Million

Ana Beatriz BarrosThe 32 year old Brazilian model gained prominence when her beautiful face and body became the signature image of the SI swimsuit series. She is also one of the highly anticipated models to shine in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion shows.


Aline Nakashima – $8 Million

Aline NakashimaHer face helped launch the major brands and the most elegant fashion shows. She made a name and gained a huge following after her marvellous work as an SI swimsuit model from the year 2006 up to 2007. She has worked for two major undergarment brands; Triumph and Victoria’s Secret.

Isabeli Fontana -$8 Million

Isabeli FontanaHer modelling career started at age 13 when she won a major title in a modelling contest held in Sao Paulo in 1999. After that she got huge modelling contract left and right from brands like; Dolce and Gabbana, Ralph Lauren, and Versace.


Cintia Dicker – $5 Million

Cintia DickerOftentimes mistaken as an Irish, Cintia Dicker is a 100 % Brazilian beauty who is famous for her ginger colored hair and freckles. She is of German descent and active with her global campaigns. She graced the cover of fashion magazines and was also once featured in Sports Illustrated.


Izabel Goulart – $3 Million

Izabel GoulartFrom Sao Paulo, Brazil, 32 year old Izabel known for her tall and thin stature made way into the modelling world at the tender age of 14. Her first big break was becoming one of the top models for Victoria’s Secret fashion show in 2005.


Raquel Zimmermann -$2 Million

Raquel ZimmermannAlthough she is of German descent, she originally hails from Rio Grande Do Sul; the top fashion and modelling state in Brazil. Her career started as a front cover model for teen magazines. She is also included in the music video “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga.


Michelle Alves – $2 Million

Michelle AlvesA graduate of civil engineering, her modelling career blossomed when she got offers for fashion shows and print advertisement. Known in the fashion world as “The Body”, her long list of clients include Giorgio Armani, Valentino, Lacroix, among others. She hails from Parana, Brazil.


Here is snapshot of richest hot Brazilian models:

Sr.No. Content Amount in USD
1 Giselle Bundchen $315 Million
2 Adriana Lima $70 Million
3 Alessandra Ambrosio $69 Million
4 Ana Beatriz Barros $22 Million
5 Aline Nakashima $8 Million
6 Isabeli Fontana $8 Million
7 Cintia Dicker $5 Million
8 Izabel Goulart $3 Million
9 Raquel Zimmermann $2 Million
10 Michelle Alves $2 Million

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