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By | October 23, 2017

Youtube star Tom Cassell is known for TheSyndicateProject account has a huge net worth. Check out his wiki from age, house to salary detail as on 2017. Tom Cassel alias Tom Syndicate is a renowned gaming commentator and vlogger. He is a comedic gaming video blogger whose channel has attracted about 10 million subscribers. In September 2010, Tom uploaded his first video on YouTube titled TheSyndicateProject. His YouTube channel became one of the most liked channels on YouTube. Till date, it has 10 million subscribers. Image Source:

Tom Cassell

Full Name Tom Cassell
Birth Date June 23, 1993
Nationality British
Height 5.6 feet / 1.70 m
Parents Under Review
Net Worth $1.2 Million
Source of Income YouTube Star
Annual Salary $300 Thousand
Sibling N/A
Children N/A
Ethnicity White
Girlfriend Kaitlin Witcher (2013)

He was born on 23 June1993. Tom studied in Blue coats High school which is situated in Greater Manchester.

His first channel TheSyndicateProject earlier showed Halo and Modern Warfare 2 videos. Video gamers loved watching these clips. Tom Cassel gradually began to learn the secret to gaining public attention by analyzing their responses. This helped him create better projects. By the release of ‘Call of Duty: Black OP Zombie walk throughs, his fan following increased by huge measures. Then he released Minecraft, which made his channel even more popular.

Syndicate started to actively promote his clips of the Modern Warfare game Call of the Duty: MW2 and featured them on Machinima Respawn. Very soon his channel had 1,000 subscribers.

But it was Black Opps, that created Mania amongst the public. One of his gaming clips showed him playing hardcore on a Lonely island. Tom Cassel befriended people by following their gaming strategies. Dillan Tucker, another You Tuber is his close friend. Cassel met Kaitlin through Minecraft. She had a You Tube pseudonym Piddleass. Tom was engaged to Kaitlin Witcher, but they separated.

Besides his You Tube followers, there are other reasons to be proud of. Cassel has maximum followers on the website He own a famous clothing line termed ‘Syndicate Original’. Due to his busy schedule, he travels between US and England in every month.

Syndicate Project is the Main channel, produced by Tom Cassell. His very first video was Seananners Stole My Style! Seanners is also a You Tuber and this video describes the way Syndicate moves his eyebrows, which bears similarity to Seananners’ style.  Another channel ‘Life of Tom’, active for vlogs. Syndicate Plays will be active in the future, as Tom has claimed.


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