Tommy Chauvin Net Worth – Wiki, Height, Age Info

By | June 13, 2017

Reality TV star Tommy Chauvin revealed his net worth including wiki, height, age, wife, family, source of wealth and more. He appeared in The Swamp People show.  He is an American who is professionally an alligator hunter and rose to fame after appearing in a reality show. His net worth is  estimated to run in millions but nothing is disclosed officially till date.

Tommy Chauvin

Full Name Tommy Chauvin
Nationality American
Height 5′ 9”
Net Worth $300 Thousand
Source of Income Hunting
Annual Salary $100,000
Ethnicity White
Wife Sarah Namer

Tommy Chauvin nicknamed as Trigger Tommy was born and brought up in the swamp region of south Louisiana, United States.  He grew up being in the family of alligator hunters, learning the skills of the sport from early childhood. As a child Chauvin was fearless, aggressive with his work and packed with energy. Chauvin’s parents separated and his mother remarried. Joe LaFont is his stepfather whom he treats like his own father.

Chauvin took up the family profession of alligator hunting. He got an opportunity to shoot to fame through History Channel’s show The Swamp People aired in 2010. He appeared as one of the lead cast members and emerged as a buoyant and intrepid character hunting down gators skillfully. He seen on the Swamp People show along with Glenn Guist, Chase Landry and Kristi Broussard.

The show Swamp People follows a group of Louisianan locals on their gator hunting journey every year during the hunting season, where they make their entire year’s profits. The show is set in the swamps of Atchafalaya River Basin dense in alligator population. Chauvin was seen with his stepfather Joe sharing a strong bonding. However in Season 2 he a dispute with his father and both of them separated ways and rode separate boats. They reconciled within a matter of days. In Season 3 Chauvin was compelled to work alone due to Joe’s poor medical conditions after an accident. The duo encountered a major accident on the Highway 71, very close to Arkansas. The major pile-up of vehicle incident was serious enough to have killed them, but the boat which was hit saved them leaving only a few minor injuries. The saddest part was losing all the show’s merchandize which they were carrying in the Ford car.

Blue-grey eyed Chavin is married to Sarah Namer wife and has a daughter and a baby boy. He is extremely attached with his family and loves spending time with his kids. Chauvin’s Facebook page has 21, 099 fans as on June, 2017 and is an eye candy for women across the country.

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