Tony Beets Net Worth – Biography from Gold Rush

By | November 6, 2016

Well known coal miner Tony Beets net worth has been revealed. Check out his biography, real age, wife name, daughter, wiki, house and income from per episode. A TV personality and Miner by profession, Tony Beets rose to fame with Reality TV series GOLD RUSH. Tony was born in Netherlands and then moved to Dawson City in 1984. However, before moving to Dawson City he worked in a pipeline construction company and milked the cows to earn money.

Tony Beets net worth

Name Tony Beets
Nationality Dutch and Canadian
Ethnicity White
Net Worth $5 Million
Source of Income Miner
Annual Salary $460,000
Birth Date December 15, 1959
Wife Minnie Beets
Children Monica Beets, Mike Beets, Bianca Beets and Kevin Beets

Tony Beets has earned his major income from his Gold Mining business and a sum from appearing in TV series Gold Rush. There is no confirmed earning from per episode, but roughly Tony should be getting nearly around $25,000. His struggle in early days has made him strong headed and dedicated over the years and now he is a well-known Miner. After he worked in the construction company for around 3 years, he then started mining in Dawson City in the year 1984.

Tony Beets with his wife Minnie Beets

Tony now owns mining company named Tamarack Mines and Paradise Hills and provides employment to local miners in his company. He is very strong headed so either many of the employers quit the job or some of them get fired. But those who are able to handle the work and abide by the working rules, they become integral part of the team as well as the Family. Tony Beet is married to Minnie Beets and has four children. Tony’s wife Minnie also helps Tony in the mining business and is handling the accounting work and paperwork of the company. All his four children are attached to his family mining business.

Tony Beet was among the new miners in the city as well as the country who was lucky enough to feature in one of the Television series GOLD RUSH in the year 2010. The show was featured on Discovery Channel. The show has featured several seasons and has aired more than 60 episodes. It was among one of the most liked series on the channel because of the strong personalities on the show as well as the drama and tension created between the active gold diggers and miners keep the audiences captivated. Tony beets appeared in the season two as well as season four of Gold Rush. In season 2, Tony advised Todd Hoffman to drill the test holes, as they are a secret to have successful mining. In Season 4, Tony leased his land to Parker Schnabel. Tony purchased floating industrial dredge on Clear Creek for a whopping $1 Million when he was in the 5th season of the TV series. He desired to have smooth running of all the gold mine she has and the ones he purchase in near future.

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    Tony ,Matt here like to say I really like to see the family business kicking ass I know where your coming from . I have worked in a business that my dad started, than went worked in sawmills for 20 plus years running heavy equipment than opted out ,guess where I am at now back family business not bad. It would be great to meet ya lmao


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