Tonya Renee Banks Net Worth – Wiki, Age, Family

By | June 24, 2017

Stunt woman and actress Tonya Renee Banks revealed her net worth including wiki, height, age, husband, children, family and career details. An actress, celebrity-impersonator and the first black little person to be a female lead in the history of film, with her role in The Internship Games. That is Tonya Renee Banks for you.

Tonya Renee Banks

Full Name Tonya Renee Banks
Birth Date July 7, 1964
Nationality American
Height  –
Net Worth $850 Thousand
Source of Income Reality Star
Annual Salary $50,000
Children Angelique Johnson
Ethnicity White
Husband Under Reivew

Before being one of the main cast members of Little Women: LA, she has acted in a number of movies and television series and her career in the entertainment industry spans over 30 years. Banks is also famous for films like Bad Santa, where she was a stunt performer, and Death to Smoochy.

She has a clothing line known as L’il Boss Body Active Wear to her name. And she does total justice to her nickname L’il Boss. She is a single mother who brought up her daughter Angelique all by herself. She didn’t let men get involved in her life during her daughter’s growing ages. Her daughter has grown up to be very obedient. In spite of being able to lift up Banks over her head, she dares disrespect the L’il Boss. Tonya’s genetic disorder couldn’t stop her from being courageous. Like other small people, Banks has never been to any school but is known to have a very strong mind set and has stated openly that she is against the usage of the word ‘midget’ to describe unfortunate people like her. She equates its similarity to racist comments.

Being a black little woman, her journey was not an easy one. The industry is not used to see little woman doing a lead role in a film. But she overcame many odds and difficulties to become a role model for not only little people, but all of us.

She has joined hands with the Understanding Dwarfism Program, which is a non-profit organization, trying to make people more aware about dwarfism and eliminate the wrong notion that surrounds it.

As of 2017, her total net worth is approximately 0.85 million US dollars.

It would not be wrong to say that she has achieved more than any person with normal height can. Now she aims at being the first little woman to win an Academy award. Her admirers are surely waiting for the day when they’ll see her with an Oscar in her hand. And keeping in mind her determination and talent, the day is not far away.

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