Top 10 Richest Basketball (NBA) Players from USA

By | February 24, 2016

Basketball pays huge; and it is just one of the major reasons why young and aspiring NBA superstars want to get into this big arena.  A successful career in the NBA can lead to a huge income each basketball season. Add to this the endorsement deals offered by big name brands, gathering a massive amount of supporters all over the world, numerous TV appearances and exposure, and a movie career. It is precisely for these numerous reasons why the world of basketball is seen as a great partnership that benefits not only the players, but the team owner as well.


Richest Basketball Players in 2017 from USA

Here is the list of the Top 10 richest basketball players from the USA based on their declared net income for the year 2017.

Michael Jordan – $ 1 Billion

Michael JordanHe is perhaps the most well-known and viewed as the best basketball player in NBA history. In spite of the fact that he has been resigned for over 10 years now in the basketball arena, he still amass good fortune from his numerous TV and print ad endorsements that makes him rich by at least $100 million annually. He is the current team owner of the Charlotte Hornets.

Magic Johnson – $500 Million

Magic JohnsonThe title “Magic” Johnson originated from the impressive way he played basketball during his high school years. At 15, he has already shown great potential to rule the basketball court. He now leads a private life, but pursues the campaign and a foundation for HIV /AIDS awareness after having been diagnosed as positive for HIV in 1991.

LeBron James – $400 Million (updated in Dec 2017)

LeBron JamesThe wealthiest player is still very much active in the NBA. At present, he plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers. There are numerous endorsement deals tucked under his jersey. Starting from Coca Cola, Nike, Samsung, McDonalds, Beats by Dre; just to name a few. The 32 year old basketball icon hails from Akron Ohio and holds the record of being the youngest basketball player to get drafted into the USA Today first team (ALL USA).

Shaquille O’Neal – $350 Million

Shaquille O’NealHe earned the title “Shaq Attack” because he is a standout amongst the most well-known NBA players and wealthiest ever. Despite the fact that he resigned from the basketball court for quite a long time, he derives his annual million dollar income from the numerous endorsement deals that he pursued during the height of his career. He also moonlights as aHollywood actor.


Kobe Bryant – $260 Million

Kobe BryantBorn in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; the second wealthiest American basketball player started his career in 1999 up to the present. His love for the sport started in high school and as a result, he played and rallied behind his high school team to win its first ever championship trophy after a title drought of 53 years.

Kevin Garnett – $190 Million

Kevin GarnettThe expert basketball player has already served two basketball teams in the NBA; Minnesota Timberwolves and the Boston Celtics. He was also a recipient of a gold medal for his basketball achievements during the 2000 Olympics.


Tim Duncan – $150 Million

Tim DuncanBorn in Christiansted, Virgin Islands, the third richest basketball player currently plays for Antonio Spurs. In the 2001 and 2002 NBA basketball season, he won two consecutive titles as the Most Valuable Player of the year.


Ray Allen – $100 Million

Ray AllenPresently a freelance basketball player and not obligated to any agent, he is considered among the best three point shooters in the NBA league. He has also played for other basketball teams, but he played for the Miami Heats’ for a long time.


Dwyane Wade – $95 Million

Dwyane WadeHe served as the top player for the Marquette University and drove the group to their first Final Four basketball competition. One of his greatest accomplishments is leading the US team to win the coveted gold medal in the Beijing Olympics in 2008.


Carmelo Anthony – $80 Million

Carmelo AnthonyHe hails from Red Hook, New York and about his accomplishments; he has a five time NBA All star and became an Olympic player for three consecutive seasons.


This updated table will provide snap-shot of the richest basketball player:

Sr.No. Name Total Net Worth
1 Michael Jordan $1 Billion
2 Magic Johnson $500 Million
3 Shaquille O’Neal $350 Million
4 LeBron James $270 Million
5 Kobe Bryant $260 Million
6 Kevin Garnett $190 Million
7 Tim Duncan $150 Million
8 Ray Allen $100 Million
9 Dwayne Wade $95 Million
10 Carmelo Anthony $80 Million

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