Top 10 Richest Billionaires in China

By | August 18, 2016

As per the Forbes and Wiki, her is the list of Richest 10 Chinese people in the world as on 2017. Most of them are man earning in Billion dollar. China is the world’s biggest populated country. Among this vast population, there also some riche rich people with a billion of net worth. In this article, you are going to find a brief and detail description about the richest people in China.

Top 10 Richest Chinese

Wang Jianlin

Wang Jianlin

He is a philanthropist and the most successful entrepreneur of China. The wealthiest chairman of Dalian Wanda Group was born on 24th October 1954. He is a rich developer of real estate and also the operator of world’s prevalent movie theater. The net worth of this rich person is $33 Billion only. He owns the famous soccer team from Spain, Athletico Madrid.

Jack Ma

Jack MaHe is the topper of the chart of richest Tech-Business genre. He is the founder of Alibaba, the famous e-commerce firm of China. His net worth is $27.7 Billion. He is the ‘’Real Game Changer’’, though he invested his money in the film like Mission Impossible- Rogue Nation. The IPO of Alibaba has touched a record by offering the biggest public stock of the World.

Ma Huateng

ma-huatengPony Ma or Ma Huateng , 44. is the third richest man in China. He is a famous internet businessman of China, the chairman of Tencent. His net worth is $22.6 Billion. He is the maker of We Chat mobile app. He has transferred a 100 million of his company Tencent’s share to his charitable foundation.

Robin Li

Robin LiFounder and CEO of, a 47 years old Married, father of four children from Beijing, presently the fourth richest person in China. He completes his Bachelor Degree of Arts and Science from Peking University and Masters of Arts from the University of Buffalo. He started the third most popular Internet search engine company of China in the year 2000 and listed its share on NASDAQ in 2005. Presently his Net worth is $ 12.1 Billion.

Lei Jun

Lei JunThe 46 years old, married, father of 2 from Beijing is the founder of Xiaomi Smartphone, one of the largest Chinese Smartphone makers.  He completed his Bachelor of Science in engineering from Wuhan University. His net worth is $ 9.8 Billion.

He Xiangjian

He XiangjianThe 74 years old, married, father of 3 from Foshan is the founder of appliance maker Media group. His net worth is $ 9 Billion.


Hui ka Yan

Hui ka YanThe 57 years old, married, father of 2 from Guangzhou is the Chairman of Real Estate developer Evergrande Real Estate. The company mainly deals in Residential & Commercial property and Hotels. His net worth is $ 8.6 Billion.


William Ding

William Ding44 years old is the first Chinese internet entrepreneurs from Guangzhou started his company only with 12 employees and now 8000 employee works for his  NetEase , the world’s largest online mobile gaming company. His net worth is $ 8.1 Billion.


Wang Wenying

Wang WenyingThis 48 years old business from Shenzhen leads Amer International, one of the world’s leading copper and cable products. His net worth is $ 7.2 Billion.


Liu Qiangdong

Liu QiangdongThe 41 years entrepreneur from Beijing, also known as Richard Liu, is the chairman & CEO of Nasdaq-listed Chinese e-commerce firm The company has recently had a partnership deal with Pop Singer Taylor swift for selling designer clothes in China. His net worth is $ 6.3 Billion.


Rank Name Net Worth
1 Wang Jianlin $33 Billion
2 Jack Ma $27.7 Billion
3 Ma Huateng $22.6 Billion
4 Robin Li $12.1 Billion
5 Lei Jun $9.8 Billoin
6 He Xiangjian $9 Billion
7 Hui ka Yan $8.6 Billion
8 William Ding $8.1 Billion
9 Wang Wenying $7.2 Billion
10 Liu Qiangdong $6.3 Billion

If you are aware of any other Chinese Billionaires  which are not listed here then do let me know by using below comment form.

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