Top 10 Richest Golfers of All Time in the World

By | July 29, 2016

I have made a top 10 list of richest golf player in the world who earns in million dollar years. Find where they rank today in 2017 year today. Golf is a gentleman’s game and oftentimes it is the ideal venue for rich businessmen to seal their important business deals. The allure of that little white ball rolling on the ground and making it to the hole is classified as a professional sport and a relaxing hobby. In case you play this game passionately and real good on it, a huge paycheck is waiting and row of endorsements will land on your lap.

Top 10 Richest Golfers Of All Time

Serial Golf Player Net Worth
1 Arnold Palmer $675 Million
2 Tiger Woods $550 Million
3 Greg Norman $300 Million
4 Jack Nicklaus $280 Million
5 Gary Player $200 Million
6 Phil Mickelson $180 Million
7 Fred Couples $105 Million
8 Vijay Singh $75 Million
9 Ernie Els $75 Million
10 Sir Nick Faldo $60 Million

Here I have provided detailed information of each richest golfer from 1 to 10 of all time in the world:

Arnold Palmer – $675 Million

Arnold PalmerHailed as “The King of Golf”, Arnold made all the right moves and business decisions during the height of his career in the 1950s. Showing good swinging skills at the age of 4, he has practically lived all of his lifetime inside a golf club accepting all sorts of work starting from being a caddy to a professional golfer at the age of 25. He retired in 2006, but still accumulates wealth through golf-related business opportunities and has a beverage and an airplane terminal named after him.

Tiger Woods -$550 Million

Tiger WoodsTiger overwhelmed the universe of golf and smashed all of the listed records in golf history. His career may have been rocked by sex scandals, fell off his consistent rank, dropped by his sponsors, but Nike remained on his side and made a grand comeback in the world of golf after numerous controversies. Until now, he is one of the world’shighest paid athletes.

Greg Norman – $300 Million

Greg NormanDubbed as the Great White Shark, on record he has won 90 professional golf tournaments. The bulk of his income is derived from owning a company that is engaged in golf course designing and Australian beef exportation all over the world.


Jack Nicklaus – $280 Million

Jack NicklausJack had a flourishing professional golf history with 18 majors tucked under his belt. He is now retired and earns money from his instructional golf videos that sold millions of copies all around the world. He is also the owner of the biggest golf course design company in the USA.


Gary Player – $200 Million

Gary PlayerHis career of more than six decades earned him worldwide recognition from his 165 tournaments. He is a Grand Slam title holder. Gary is an author and published a bestseller book about professional golf. He also designs golf courses and breed horses.


Phil Mickelson – $180 Million

Phil MickelsonHe has won five majors and positions second on the PGA Tour’s most highly compensated golfer. Dubbed as “The Lefty”, he still hit the greens, but takes in more income from his sports brand endorsements.


Fred Couples – $105 Million

Fred CouplesOn record, he has won 63 professional golf tournaments and one Masters. He now concentrates with the senior league and also has business ventures about golf course designing.


Vijay Singh – $75 Million

Vijay SinghFrom year 2004 up to the latter part of 2005, he was ranked number 1. His career in golf rewarded him with three majors.


Ernie Els -$75 Million

Ernie ElsPopularly known in the golf world as “The Big Easy”, he has the record of being the number 1 golfer for about 788 weeks. His business includes a winery and a company that designs golf courses.


Sir Nick Faldo – $60 Million

Sir Nick FaldoHe had a colorful golfing career with six majors under his name. He now co- produces with CBS the coverage of professional golf tournaments worldwide.


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