List of Top 10 Richest Provinces in Canada

By | September 1, 2016

Based on updated research, here is list of Canada’s Provinces which are counted among top 10 richest neighbourhoods  as on 2017. Canada is an eminent country of North America, which has ten provinces. These provinces are in truly rich in every genre. Business and trade are the main sources of these provinces. So let’s have a look to the Canada’s wealthiest neighbourhoods based on GDP as updated in 2017.

Richest Provinces in Canada


AlbertaThis fourth most populated western province of Canada is named after the fourth daughter of Victoria, the Canadian Queen & Prince Consort Albert, Princess Louise Caroline Alberta. It is encompassed with mountains, lakes, grassland, forest and riches with minerals. Alberta has almost 600 lakes and popular for tourism.  Its capital is Edmonton and the population is almost 4.2 million, the area is almost 660,000 square Km & the GDP per capita is approx C$ 79k (Canadian Dollar).


ontarioNamed after the Lake Ontario, this province is in east-central of Canada, border to U.S.  It is the majorly colonized province of Canada and Toronto is the capital of this province. The place is popular for 553 meters high CN Tower, rare oak savannah habitat, Lake Ontario etc. The population is almost 13.6 million. The GDP per capita is approx C$ 49k.


British Columbia

British ColumbiaThis westernmost province of Canada named by Queen Victoria. British Columbia is positioned between the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains.  Victoria is the capital of this province, Vancouver is the largest city and the population is almost 4.7 million. The GDP per capita is approx C$47.5k.



SaskatchewanLocated in west-central Canada, borders the U.S to the south, it’s named after the river Saskatchewan. This is the only Canadian province with a natural border. With more than 100,000 lakes this province is mainly covered with rivers and the total area is 651,900 square kilometers.  Regina is the capital of this province and the population is almost 1.13 million. The GDP per capita is approx. C$ 70.6k.


Newfoundland & Labrador

Newfoundland & LabradorThe most easterly province of Canada positioned in country’s Atlantic region. Island Newfoundland and mainland Labrador has combined 405,212 sqft Km, with the population of approx 526,977. The GDP per capita is approx is $65.5k




ManitobaWith the population of around 1.3 million and fifth most populated and one of the three Prairie Provinces, situated in the longitudinal center of Canada. With Ontario in the east and Saskatchewan in the west, this province is spread in 649,950 square kilometer areas along rivers, prairies, forests, mountains. Winnipeg is the capital of this province and the main economy depends on the agricultural segment. The GDP per capita is approx C $44.6k

Nova Scotia                                                                               

Nova ScotiaOne of the Maritime Provinces, it is spread in area of 55,284 square kilometers, the Nova Scotia is the second smallest province of eastern Canada. Halifax is the capital of this province & population is 942,926. It’s the home of the seals and puffins, a good destination for whale watching. The GDP per capita is approx. is C$ 39k


Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward IslandThis one of the Maritime provinces is named after Duke of Strathearn & Kent, Prince Edward. This eastern Canadian province, Prince Edward Island, is the smallest of all provinces. With the area of 5660 Square Kilometre, this province has approximately 146,283 residents. The main economy of this place depends on farming. The GDP per capita is approximate C 36.7k.



Quebec Largest province of Canada by area of 1.667 million square Kilometer and second largest by the population of approximately 8.22 million. This eastern Canadian province is predominant by French-speaking people. Montreal is the largest city & Quebec City is the capital of this province. The GDP of per capita is approx C 43.3k


New Brunswick

New BrunswickThis one of the Maritime Provinces situated in eastern Canada. The area is approx 73,000 square Km and the population are approx. 754,000. This province is covered with pine forest, rivers, mountains and the Bay of Fundy. Fredericton is the capital of the province & Saint John is the largest city. Mostly Service oriented economy. The GDP per capita is approximate C$ 42.6k.


Provinces GDP (per capita)
Alberta $ 79k
Ontario $ 49k
British Columbia $47.5k
Saskatchewan $ 70.6k
Newfoundland & Labrador $ 65.5k
Manitoba  $ 44.6k
Nova Scotia $ 39k
Prince Edward Island $ 36.7k
Quebec $ 43.3k
New Brunswick $ 42.6k

Please note that the above $ remarks American Dollar.

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