Top 10 Richest TV Personalities

By | February 23, 2016

As television plays an important role in everyone’s life, the television professionals have now increasing popularity in the world of entertainment.  I have prepared list of top 10 richest well known TV Personalities that can be find below. Gone are the days, they used to search for means for their survival. With the arrival of innumerable private channels, the television personalities have now star status. In United States of America and around the world, the riches of television professionals have increased rapidly and they have amassed large wealth in the last decades. The abilities in them on the small-screen have given world-wide popularity and chances to become unbelievably rich.

World's richest TV personalities

Richest TV Personalities of the Year

Let’s know about the top ten Richest Television personalities in United States of America whose net worth is near a billion dollar.

Silvio Santos

Silvio SantosSilvio Santos is among the new entrants in the list of billionaires. As he hails from Brazil, he has almost a meteoric rise as a television personality in the past years. Although born poor in his early life and despite beginning his career as a street vendor, he shifted to the profession of an artiste in television and radio. The net-worth of 85 years old television personality is 1.3 billion dollars.

Simon Cowell

Simon CowellSimon Cowell has an unbeatable position as a television producer and executive for music in United Kingdom. As the host of very popular serials like the X factor, American Idol, Britain’s got talent, and Pop Idol, he has achieved stardom as a television professional. His net-worth is $550 million.

David Letterman

David LettermanPopular as a highly successful television host and comedian, David Letterman is popular everywhere in the world. Particularly known for his late night shows, he has incredible fame as an anchor. He began his career as an announcer and later began as a comedian in the year 1978. With his different hugely successful shows, he has now the net-worth of $425 million.

Jamie Oliver

jamie-oliverA very successful Chef, restaurateur, and media baron in England, Jamie Oliver is a repository of talents. His cookery shows are immensely successful. With his success in TV show hosting, his net-worth has become $400 million.


Ryan Seacrest

ryan-seacrestRyan Seacrest is familiar everywhere as a radio personality and host of television shows. As his shows like American Idol and American Top 40 radio countdown are very successful, he has the net-worth of 375 million dollars.


Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneresBeing one of top-notch television hosts, Ellen DeGeneres is one of the best paid television hosts in the world. The Ellen DeGeneres show is all-time popular show in the world for more than a decade.Her net-worth is $345 million.


Dr Phil McGraw

Dr Phil McGrawDr Phil McGraw’s show Oprah Winfrey has become increasingly popular in the recent years.  As he is a clinical psychologist and self-help guru, he got his first appointment from Winfrey in the year 1995. His net worth is 335 million dollars.


Kathy Hilton

Kathy HiltonKathy Hilton has great success as a host for television shows and as an actress. Being the owner of “Hilton” chain of hotels, she has hosted many successful television shows. Her net-worth is $300 million.


Daymond John                                                                                                           

Daymond JohnAs an entrepreneur, writer, speaker in television, motivational speaker, and investment guru, Daymond John is famous everywhere.  Being the founder of his institution, FUBU, he has amassed large wealth and his net worth is $250 million.


Dick Clark

Dick ClarkRichard Wagstaff Clark or Dick Clark was most distinguished American host of Game show. As a radio and television personality, he was also very popular. As a result of a fatal stroke, he lost his power to speak partially in the year 2004. But he continued as a famous television producer and host of “New Year Rocking Eve” show and unfortunately, passed away in the year 2012. His net worth is $200 million.

Here is snapshot of the richest TV personalities in table format:

Sr.No. TV Personalities Name Total Net Worth
1 Silvio Santos $1.3 Billion
2 Simon Cowell $550 Million
3 David Letterman $425 Million
4 Jamie Oliver $400 Million
5 Ryan Seacrest $375 Million
6 Ellen DeGeneres $345 Million
7 Dr Phil McGraw $335 Million
8 Kathy Hilton $300 Million
9 Daymond John $250 Million
10 Dick Clark $200 Million

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