List of 10 Richest States in India based on Highest GDP

By | August 25, 2016

Here is the list of top 10 Richest States in India based on GDP and per capita income of 2017-2018. No wonder why our nation is counted as fastest development country. It is often considered a state’s economy is dependent on the country’s Gross Domestic Production and based on that variable element GDP, the economic condition of a state is measured. GDP is calculated on the annual earning of the state through the production of services and goods.

Top 10 Richest States in India

Given below are the list of states arranged in accordance to their economic conditions and accumulation of wealth.

Richest States of India

1} MAHARASHTRA: Maharashtra is a state with the largest economy and a GDP of 16.8 Lakh Crore, approximately 250 billion US dollars. It is the second largest population and the per capital GDP is much higher. Plenty of rain, good fertile lands, and inclusive development are the other reasons for its economic progress.

2} Tamil Nadu: The second states on this list are with the second largest economy across the county is Tamil Nadu with a GDP of 9.76 Lakh Crore which is almost 140 billion US dollars. Per capita income in Tail Nadu is 98,550 rupees and its HDI is almost at par with Maharashtra.

3} Uttar Pradesh: The third rank in this respect is occupied by Uttar Pradesh with a GDP of  9.76 Lakh Crore which is estimated to be 140 billion us dollars. In Industry as well as farming it has witnessed a boon.

4} West Bengal: The WB  stands in the fourth position with a GDP of 8 Lakh Crore and 120 billion US dollars. Per capita income is Rs 61,352 and growth rate is 12.65%.

5} GUJRAT: Gujrat holds the 5 th position with a GDP of 7.66 Lakh Crore that mounts to 110 billion us dollars when calculated. Per capita income is 106,831 INR.

6} Karnataka: With a GDP of 7.02 Lakh Crore it stands in the 6th position. However in US dollars approximately it is calculated to be 100 billion dollars. The states have witnesses a growth rate of 8.2 % in the fiscal year 2010-2011.

7} Rajasthan: The GDP in Rajasthan is estimated to be 5.7 Lakh Crore and 84 billion US dollars. The per capita income of Rajasthan was estimated 13, 619 and the growth rate per capita net  state  domestic  product is 10.2%.

8} Andhra Pradesh: With a GDP of 5.20 Lakh Crore and 75 billion US dollars, it occupies the eight position amongst economically developed states. It is estimated that the net state domestic product per capita is 90,517 according to a recent survey.

9} Madhya Pradesh:  It occupies 9th position with a gross   income of 5.08 Lakh Crore and 75 billion US dollars. With a growth rate of 12 % GDP, Madhya Pradesh stands at low level. The economy of this state is very much dependent on agriculture and in soyabean, paddy production it has the good record in India.

10} Delhi: Delhi being the capital of India, has a comparatively lower Gross Domestic Production of 4.51 Lakh Crore and 66 US billion dollars. Delhi, Bihar are having the lowest per capita income and net state domestic production.

State GDP (in USD Billion)
Maharashtra 250
Tamil Nadu 140
Uttar Pradesh 140
West Bengal 120
Gujrat 110
Karnataka 100
Rajasthan 84
Andhra Pradesh 75
Madhya Pradesh 75
Delhi 66

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