Top 10 WWE Richest Wrestlers in the World

By | February 25, 2016

WWE, the game with a tremendous amount of fans all around the world, is an excellent platform for players trying to get fame within a short time frame. So today i prepared the list of richest wrestlers from WWE that you would love to know. After becoming the king of the ring, wrestlers often work in endorsements, TV shows and movies and end up earning huge amount of money. Just like other high-profile star players, wrestlers give their body for the sake of entertainment and for this they are paid very well.


Richest Wrestlers from WWE in the World

Here is list of Top 10 filthy rich WWE wrestlers across the globe, based on their annual income from various sources updated in 2017.

The Rock – $120 Million

The RockDwayne Rock Johnson hits the list of World’s richest wrestlers being the Hollywood superstar. Best known as the God of WWE Market, he has stolen many hearts with his good looks and charm both in the ring as well as the movies.


Steve Austin – $45  Million

Steve AustinPopularly known as Stone Cold, Steve is also a talented actor and producer and earns a total of around 45 million annually. He even hosts TV Shows for various networks.


John Cena – $35  Million

John CenaJohn Felix Anthony Cena is a name that needs no introduction being the current United States Champion. He has appeared in songs, TV Shows and movies and hence got the third position with a total of around 35 million dollars.


Big Show – $26.2 Million

Big ShowThe heaviest and most senior wrestler has been professionally wrestling since ages and hence is very popular amongst the WWE viewers. He is the first wrestler in the history of WWE with WCW Heavyweight Championship. He has a personal WWE tour bus, as he is too heavy to fly.


Triple H – $25.1 Million

Triple HKnown for his daredevil attitude, he stands 5th in this list with an annual income of $25 million. He is married to the daughter of CEO and Chairman of WWE, Vince McMahon. He also acts as WWE executive and talent contractor.


Kurt Angle – $20.3 Million

Kurt AngleKurt Angle, the only Olympic Gold Medalist in professional wrestling has earned name and fame within a short period of time. After leaving WWE, he became TNA World Heavyweight Champion also. He earns around 20 million dollars approximately.


Chris Jericho – $18  Million

Chris JerichoChris is the lead singer of international rock band Fozzy, an accomplished author, media personality, actor, businessman and an amazing wrestler. He even hosted the show Downfall of ABC and earns approximately 18 million annually.


Shawn Michaels – $17  Million

Shawn MichaelsA man with lot of attitude has earned himself the name Mr. Wrestle Mania. He has quit professional wrestling now, but still his fan following stands the same.


The Undertaker – $16  Million

The UndertakerMark William Calaway is the most talked about wrestler in the history of WWE.  A four time WWE champion, six times WWE tag team champion and royal rumble champion, is on the 9th position among the richest with a net worth of 16 Million dollars.


Mick Foley – $15  Million

Mick FoleyHardcore legend Foley was different because of his sweet and charming attitude. He won 3 WWE Championships and earns $15 million approximate annually as a stand-up comedian and author.


Sr.No. Wrestlers Name Total Net Worth
1 The Rock $120 Million
2 Steve Austin $45 Million
3 John Cena $35 Million
4 Big Show $26 Million
5 Triple H $25 Million
6 Kurt Angle $20 Million
7 Chris Jericho $18 Million
8 Shawn Michaels $17 Million
9 The Undertaker $16 Million
10 Mick Foley $15 Million

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