Vanessa L Williams Net Worth

By | July 25, 2016

Actress pop singer Vanessa L. Williams net worth is impression. Find out her earning details, list of all 3 husbands, and biography details. She was also the Miss America of the year 1984, but she had to give back her crown post a nude photo shoot scandal. However, till now she is officially recognized as the Miss America of the year 1984. Vanessa L. Williams was born in the year 1963 in New York and she had got her degree in music from the University of Syracuse. She had won the title of miss Syracuse and from there proceeded to become Miss America. However, after handing back her crown, Vanessa L. Williams focused her attention on her career as a singer and left behind her modelling days. She also proceeded to become an actress in several movies and TV shows. Vanessa L. Williams is 52 years old as of now and at this juncture she is earning about $1 million for her television show 666 Park Avenue. Other than that her net worth is about $28 million and she happens to be one of the most highly paid singers in the industry.

Full Name Vanessa Lynn Williams
Net Worth $28 Million
Annual Salary $1.5 Million
Monthly Income $125,000
Weekly Income $31,000
Daily Income $4,400
Profession Acting
Birth Date 18th of March 1963
Ethnicity African American and European American
Height 1.73 m
Weight 57 kg
Husband Jim Skrip
Ex-Husband Jim Skrip, Ramon Hervey II (ex), Rick Fox (ex)

Vanessa L Williams Net Worth

Vanessa L. Williams also has a high net worth when it comes down to her properties. She has an estimate of about 2 houses and is rumoured to be buying another one too. She also has around 5 cars too which she loves. Her 1st home is in Westchester County in New York. It is a century old carriage house which had successfully captured her attention from the outset.

She had raised her children in the same house and it holds a fond spot in her memories. She had also done the interiors of her home from her favourite interior designers who had designed her favourite hotel in Santa Monica. It is for this reason that the interiors of her carriage home have many similarities with the specific hotel. Vanessa L. Williams has another home in the Hollywood hills. It is a six bedroom apartment which in which she spends her time when she is in LA.

Vanessa L. Williams is a big fan of the Maserrati and in fact she owns two, one for each of her homes. Other than her Maserrati coupes she also has a Porsche Cayenne and an Infiniti QX56. If the rumour mills are to be believed then she is also thinking about opting for a Blu Oceano.

Actress Vanessa L Williams Vanessa L Williams net worth

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