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By | February 14, 2018

Vickie Winans is a renowned singer of 1990s has a net worth in several million dollars. Born as Viviane Bowman in 1953, she is blessed with number of siblings, bought a house, married twice and has 04 children. Viviane Bowman  is a  very famous Gospel singer in America. She is also an established songwriter, producer and lyricist for a long time. Vickie started her career at a very young age when she did live choir performances with her entire family. Audiences were astounded by her beautiful and soothing voice which made her popular among them. Vickie released her first solo album in 1985 and it earned her many international awards including a Grammy nomination. For almost a decade her songs would be topping the Billboard’s Gospel charts. Throughout her active career, Viviane performed innumerable live performances which would be attended by thousands of people.

Vickie Winans

Full Name Vickie Winans
Birth Date October 18, 1953
Nationality American
Height 5.10 feet / 1.80 m
Parents Mattie A. Bowman and Bowman Aaron
Net Worth $7 Million
Source of Income Singer
Annual Salary $400,000
Sibling Tim Bowman, Annette Tharpe, Sandi Tyler, Carleen Riley, Bowman Bryan, Williams Cathy, Beverly Bouldes, Aaron Bowman, Jr., Irma Crockett, Mary Sturdivant and Lorne Bowman
Children Mario Winans, Marvin Winans Jr. and Josiah Winans
Ethnicity Mixed
Spouse Joe McLemore
Marvin Winans (1978–1995)

Vickie Winans was born on 18th October 1953, in Southfield, USA. She is currently 65 years of age. Her zodiac sign is Libra. Vickie has a height of 5 feet and 5 inches. She has a charming personality and her attractive voice is perfect duo. 

According to sources Vickie has an estimated $7 million which she accumulated from her top charting albums and singles. Her live performances throughout her career also contributed significantly to her personal gain. Vickie also collaborated and did associated acts in her long career. It is also believed she inherited a good amount of money from her successful family.

Vickie Winans is related to the famous Gospel singing family the Winans Family. Her father Aron Bowman and mother, Mattie Bowman was of African descent but they emigrated to America during the 1970s. Most of the family members are Gospel singers who have gained significant fame and popularity in the music industry. Vickie was not the only daughter and she has many siblings.

Vickie was involved many relationship controversies. She has been married to Marvin Winans from 1978 to 1995. But the married did not last and the couple divorced. Then she married Joe McLemore since 2003 till date. She has 3 sons: Mario Winans, Marvin Winians Jr., and Josiah Winans. She is currently 65 years old and lives in Michigan, USA. In spite of her relationship complications, she has managed to stay happy and develop a healthy family structure.

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