Vivian Reddy Net Worth

By | August 12, 2016

Edison Group owner Vivian Reddy has a huge net worth today. Carrying Indian ethnicity, he is the richest businessman, find hiw wiki, wife to children details. Vathasallum Reddy or more commonly known as Vivian Reddy is a businessman from South African popular for being the founder of the multi-million dollar company Edison Group. The company deals with multiple facets like healthcare products and services, finance, casinos, energy plants and property. The total net worth of the company’s assets is estimated to be $9.44 billion!

Vivian Reddy's net worth

Full Name Vivian Reddy
Net Worth $9.44 Billion
Source of Income Businessman
Annual Salary $1 Billion
Birth Place Durban
Ethnicity Indian
Height   –
Weight   –
Wife Sorisha Naidoo; Sorisha Naidoo
Children Yavini, Kuber , Kalina , Shantan and Saihil Reddy
Total Employees 7,500

The February born 63 year old millionaire was born in Durban, South Africa. His father was a teacher and he was the youngest amongst his eight other siblings. The family being a very big one had very few resources basic needs. Reddy grew up in a very humble and simple way, hardly having any luxury in life. He struggled hard and was successful in procuring a diploma in Electrical Engineering. When Reddy was 16 years old, he was selected to represent his country as a scout in Japan where he got to meet astronaut Neil Armstrong who inspired him in a big way enabling him to believe in himself and move ahead with the dreams.

Reddy was fired from his first job in an electrical company in South Africa. Moving with the zest to do something in life, he single handed started a business with only R500 in the 1970s. He worked on the Constant and Never-Ending Improvement Principle and decided to build the best electrical company. With perseverance and innovation he was successful in doing so. He gradually expanded his business plans to various sectors and opened a casino successfully. Currently the company has 2000 and more employees.

Reddy got married to Mogi Naidoo and have three children. He remarried TV personality Sorisha Naidoo and has a son and a daughter. He is an active philanthropist and donates religiously for the education and basic needs of underprivileged and orphan children.  Reddy celebrated his 60th birthday in a big way with 150 of his family members and relatives in his extravagant home in Umhlanga. A huge cake was baked just for his birthday and guest enjoyed savory food and super expensive drinks. 10,000 underprivileged children were also treated on this occasion. He also announced his retirement on his 65th birthday.

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8 thoughts on “Vivian Reddy Net Worth

  1. Leeann

    It is always inspiring to a ” rags to riches story”. It gives one hope that perseverance is key to success.

  2. Carl

    Where was this information sourced?????

    that much would make him under top20 richest man in the world and the richest in south Africa.

  3. Trey

    I was also question what his stated net worth is. It seems they put some lumpsum his company’s value for his net worth.

  4. Rogers Perumal.

    well done Mr Vivian Reddy. the hard work you put out there really paid dividends.
    am currently unemployed and was retrenched recently. hope you could someday give me employment in your mega company edison power.
    thanks alot.

  5. DANE

    He is a true inspiration and a MENTOR which i look up to…Glad to work for you Mr Reddy…


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