World’s Most Expensive Grapes Today in 2017

By | September 19, 2016

There are few varieties of grapes which are expensive than our thought. These are most prized fruit in the entire world as on 2017, find its feature and price.Grapes, a wonder fruit,the juicy orbs of nature. Not just in taste and looks, it is highly enriched with nutrition. There are lots of variety is available, these are especially for wine making. Grapes is not a new fruit, it was cultivated from thousand years back of history.

List of Most Expensive Grapes in the World

There are more than 10,000 types of grapes and most of these are used more wine making. The price is also very different for every type of grapes. There are many grapes, which are very much high in price. Ruby Roman of Japan it counted as the most expensive in this genre. It is premium quality grapes, you can eat it directly buy wine from Ruby Roman is a very lucrative product indeed.

Ruby Roman and its sell story

Ruby RomanThe most expensive grape of the world is Ruby Roman. The most interesting thing about these grapes is it recently sold with a value of $ 11,000, which is quite high for a bunch of grapes; it is a popular grocery shop of USA. But this is not the end of the list; the obsession for these jewel grapes is too much high. In Japan, it was sold with the price of $14,600 in an auction. The bidder for these crazy sweet grapes is Takamaru Konishi, from West Japan. In Japan, this is one of the most expensive fruit and the expenses are higher than apple too. Each bunch of grapes contains a total of 26 grapes and the exact value of every grape is $26.

Know the Ruby Roman

Ruby Roman looks like the Ruby gems, pinkish red in color and the shape is like a ping pong ball. It is a variety is Table grape and this is originated from Japan. It is a high-quality grape and comes to market with proper certification. The history of grape is very old, but Ruby Roman does not come in this category. The year was 2008 when these gems of fruits were debuted in the world market from Japan. It is actually premium kinds of grapes and for its quality and texture, it is counted as the most expensive grapes in the world. The elegance, the taste, and the texture have made this so expensive that this was presented as a wedding gift in Japan.  The taste is too much sweet and yummy of this magic fruit. These specific grapes considered as Roman Rubi when its reach the standard. To touch the height of standard it needs to be 20 gm in weight and the concentration of sugar must be 18% and of course, the perfect physical appearance is necessary the pinkish tomato red color and beautiful shape. The weight of the bunch should be 700gm minimum.  Because of this strict nourishing standard, the production is very much limited, that is why it is so very expensive.  But the taste is beyond money; as soon as you put it in your mouth you will heaven.

These types of grapes are exported all over the world. Apart from Japan, many other countries have started cultivating it.

Variety of other expensive grapes

Witch Fingers

Witch FingersThis is actually another expensive grape of the world. The looks of it are unique like its name.  The flavor and the taste are very much rich it has a black magic impression. These special kinds of grapes are cultivated in California. The price of these grapes is really high.


Here is the list of other types of grapes:

Kyoho, The beautiful blue-colored Grande Vidure, Cabernet Franc, Barbara, Gewurztraminer, Lemberger, Myller etc, these are high in price and also very much essential for making high-quality wines.

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