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By | January 28, 2018

Based in Miami, Florida he has earned the title of the most techno-smart musical artists. He is a prolific guitarist and bandleader. In 1980’s, he created influence on music lovers with his neoclassical metal playing style. In 2009, Time magazine has enlisted him in 10 best electric guitar players of all times. He is tall with a height of 6 feet 1 inches.

Yngwie Malmsteen

Full Name Yngwie Johan Malmsteen
Birth Date June 30, 1963
Nationality Swedish
Height 6.2 feet /1.90 m
Parents Michele McDonnell and Ken McDonnell
Net Worth $7.5 Million
Source of Income Guitarist
Annual Salary $400,000
Sibling Ann Louise Lannerback and Bjorn Malmsteen
Children Antonio
Ethnicity White
Girlfriend Erika Norberg (1991-1992)
Amber Dawn Landin (1993-1998)
Malmsteen (1999)

Yngwie Malmsteen was born in Stockholm, Sweden on 1963. During his teenage, he was influenced by classical music. His role model was Nicole Paganini. He was inspired by Ritchie Blackmore, an avid guitar player.

In 1984, Malmsteen released his first music album Rising Force. This album won the Guitar Player Magazine’s award for ‘Best Rock Album’. In the mid- nineties his neoclassical style of music became very popular among the musical fans. In April 1988, he released his Fourth Album titled Odyssey which was also his largest album, as of now.   In 1990, he released the album Eclipse. Later, his album titled Fire and Ice was released in1992. His album Inspiration was released in 1996. The famous album Alchemy was released few year later in 1999.

Yngwie Malmsteen is a prodigious artist and is well known for his leadership skills. He is always looking for progress in his musical art and ways of rendition. He firmly believes in freedom of thought and action. Malmsteen performs best when he is left to his choicest musical instruments. He is quite fond of using ‘Fender Stratocasters’ for composing his music. He likes to keep collection of rare varieties of guitars.

In 2008, he featured in VH1 Classic Show ‘That Metal Show’ as a special guest. In March 2009, The Angels Love was released. It was an instrumental musical release where in the acoustics of some of his best musical performance and instruments was demonstrated. Malmsteen stays with his wife April Malmsteen and his son in a beautiful home, near the shores of Miami. He believes in healthy lifestyle. He is particular about his dietary schedules and maintains a regular exercise program. Malmsteen has passion for driving Ferrari cars.

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