Zahia Dehar Net Worth – Biography, Nationality

By | March 27, 2017

The young fashion designer Zahia Dehar net worth has been estimated of $5 million. Check out her biography, real age, height, wiki, nationality and more. Zahia Dehar is a famous French model and fashion designer who was formerly slept with 2 famous footballer and was the hot topic of several controversies. She shot into fame soon after this negative publicity.

Zahia Dehar

Full Name Zahia Dehar
Birth Date February 25, 1992
Birth Country Algeria
Net Worth $5 Million
Source of Income Fashion designer
Annual Salary $1.65 Million
Nationality Algerian and French
Boyfriend Franck Ribery (2008)
Karim Benzema (2008).

Dehar was born on 25 February, 1992 in Ghriss, Algeria. She is French by nationality and a Muslim by faith. By age 10 she moved to Champigny-sur-Marne with her mother and younger brother.  Her father Hacene Dehar disowned her after she got involved in the underage prostitution scandal.

Dehar started her career as a prostitute when she was only 16. She realized that she was appealing to men and took advantage of the same. International footballers Frank and Karim paid money to her in return of her services as a prostitute. Before the World Cup in 2010 a probe was made into the matter and the footballers were charged for the same. Dehar was not charged as prostitution in itself is not considered as a criminal act in France.

In an interview Dehar revealed that she was a pretty little birthday present for the French footballer Franck Robery. He flew her off to Munich, Germany and spent thousands of pounds for the flight, luxury hotel and her charges just for a night of lust.  The two had earlier met at a Paris nightclub.

Soon after the negative media attention revolving around the football stars, Dehar came into the limelight. She fetched attention due to her ravishing looks and an extremely curvaceous body. Dehar signed with famous fashion designers like Karl Lagerfeild and Pierre et Gilles and soon took up modelling as her full time occupation. In 2016 she appeared in the movie Josephine’s Arrondit.

The French press termed her as la scandal leuse meaning the scandalous one as she was involved in several other issues where she posted nude pictures of herself on social networking sites. Dehar posed nude for a purpose for PETA magazine and runs her own website by the name She started designing lingerie and is now a popular fashion designer cum model.

This Pieces earned celebrity status right after the scandal and made a fortune through modelling and social networking profiles. She is followed by millions of users and is majorly seen in nude lips and dramatic eye make-up. Dehar sports different hairstyles and is often seen in shades of blonde and black. She designs lingerie which includes collections under the titles Iced, Love and Cake & Candy.

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