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10 Most Richest Jockeys in this World

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This is the list of Richest Jockeys of all time in this world updated in 2017. Check out their earning and ranking from 1 to 10 on Horse Racing. Jockey is real thrilling and exciting profession for the people who loves adventures in their lives. It is all about controlling the horse during the horse racing game. People from all over the world showing their interest in this profession due to the thrill, glamor and fortune they can achieve by the profession.

World’s Most Richest Jockeys

Every year, most the countries arrange the horse racing programs and this is a great way to making money for a jockey. So, lets have a look who is on top and holding 10th position below:

1. Joao Moreira 

He is actually the richest jockey ever. His net worth is 4.2 billion. This Brazilian jockey star is known to the world as “magic man”, thus he can create magic in the field. He bagged 1,000 winning record in South America. He lives now in Hong Kong.

2. John R. Velazquez

This forty-three-year-old Horse Jockey is the richest jockey of the world. He is super successful in his jockey career. His current net worth is $310 million and the annual salary of this Puerto Rico star is 24 million. There is so many Breeders’ cup winning record in his bag and even he was the main protagonist to win the Dubai World Cup. He also won the Eclipse Award for his marvelous performance as a jockey. His records and wins have given him a place in Hall of Fame of Puerto Rico.

3. Jerry Bailey

Jerry Bailey is counted as the all-time favorite and one of the richest jockeys of the world. He gained $295 million net worth in his career. He is retired now but he is in the American Hall of Fame. If we are talking about the records of his career then it is really uncountable, yet his records of career are really high.

4. Kent Desormeaux

He is an American jockey with the annual salary of $ 14 million and his net worth is $220 million. He is the winner of Eclipse Award, Outstanding Apprentice Jockey award and much more and so that his competitive winning list.

5. Gary Stevens

Gary Stevens is a renowned jockey who achieved approx $ 200 million in his career. He is an actor two. Gary has a record of winning 69 title in a year. He is the master in the field, who won the Breeder’s cup too.

6. Russel Baze

This all time favorite horse racing jockey has made $ 186 million by his ravishing career. This veteran jockey has a real success story in his life. He is based in San Francisco and borrowing the records of participating in more than 50000 races and he ended up more than 23,000 races at the top three positions.

7. Javier Castellano

This horse racing jockey from the USA is one of the most popular jockeys of the current time, his net worth is also very high, which is $70 million. He won many championships and won various records including Dubai Golden Shaheen, Kentucky Oaks, Breeder’s cup etc. He has won more than 4000 records in his long and successful career.

8. Ramon Dominguez

This 1976 born Venezuelan jockey has made his fortune by his tremendously successful career. His net worth is $ 40 million. He is now retired but his fame fortune is still at the same position. He won the Eclipse award for the American Thoroughbred Horse Racing. Since his sixteen year age, he started his career as a horse racing jockey and achieved so many records, awards, and rewards as a jockey.

9. Frankie Dettori

Frankie is not just a skilled jockey but also a triumphant businessman as he has own frozen Italian food line and even his Frankie bar & grill is quite popular in London. This handsome hunk is the face of Jockey yoghurt. His net worth is approx $ 18 million. He is from Milan of Italy.

10. Christophe Soumillon

This millionaire jockey is from Belgium with a bagful of records so that he made huge money too. His rate of success is really high with a big list of achievements.

Sr. No.NameNet Worth
Joao Moreira$4.2 billion
John R. Velazquez$310 million
Jerry Bailey$295 million
Kent Desormeaux$220 million
Gary Stevens$200 million
Russel Baze$186 million
Javier Castellano$70 million
Ramon Dominguez$40 million
Frankie Dettori$18 million
10Christophe Soumillon$10 million


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