10 Richest People Of Wisconsin as per Forbes in 2017

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This is the updated list of wealthiest person in Wisconsin as per Forbes in 2017, starting from John Menard and other personalities whose earning is in Billion dollar. Wisconsin is state of United States of America nestled amongst rich forests, lakes, traditional villages and sprawling farms. The state is famous for breweries and the Harley Davidson showroom.

Wisconsin is also the house of many super rich people, living a life of dreams. Let’s take a sneak at the ten most influential and rich people residing in the state culture and natural beauty.

List of Wealthiest Person in Wisconsin

John Menard$9.5 Billion
Herbert Kohler Jr$9.1 Billion
Diane Hendricks$5.3 Million
James Cargill II$3.3 Billion
Johnson family$3 Billion
Judy Faulkner$2.2 Billion
Jamie Dinan$2 Billion
Marie Lasry$1.64 Billion
David Einhorn$1.47 Billion

John Menard

Worth an unbelievable $9.5 billion, John Robert Menard is the founder and owner of Menards Home improvement chain of a total of 287 stores in America. Menard is a graduate from University of Wisconsin and he worked in IBM before he started his own business. He is also owned a team in IndyCar racing championships. Menard is divorced twice and is the father of five children. He was also involved in various sex scandals, tax related issues and improper toxin management issues.

Herbert Kohler Jr.

Kohler was born rich with his father’s business of Kohler industries dealing with plumbing and sanitary products. He became the chief executive officer at 33 years and is a graduate in Industrial Management from Yale University. After the chairmanship, the company’s net worth rose to $9.1 billion. Kohler also owns two golf courses, the Old Course Hotel and the Hamilton Hall comprising of 26 luxury apartments.

Diane Hendricks

68 year old Diane Hendricks is a business woman and film producer. Diane got divorced and married Ken Hendricks after ten years. She is currently the owner of ABC Supply and has taken over her husband’s company Hendricks Holding, after his death. She has a net worth of $5.3 million and remains busy with her work and huge family of seven children and 17 grandchildren.

Personalities like Colin Kaepernick and Danica Patrick are also from Wisconsin.

James Cargill II

James Cargill II has inherited majority of his wealth from his great grandfather William W. Cargill, founder of the Cargill Inc. The company deals with the purchase and sale of grains and other agricultural commodities. James Cargill is in the board of trustees for National Air & Space Museum and also owns stock in SolarAttic Company. James estimated net worth is approx $3.3 billion!

H. Fisk Johnson III, Imogene Power Johnson, S. Curtis Johnson, Helen Johnson

Belonging to the famous Johnson family of Racine, Wisconsin, she is the wife of late Samuel Curtis Junior who was the CEO of S.C. Johnson & Son Inc. She is the mother of the current CEO Fisk Johnson and has inherited a fortune of $3 billion from her husband. Popularly known as Fisk, he is the fifth generation to lead the company S.C. Johnson & Son Inc. as a CEO and Chairman since 2000. He is highly educated and has multiple degrees in Management and a PhD in Physics, his alma mater being Cornell University all throughout. Johnson started his career as a marketing associate in his family business and augmented its net worth to $3 billion. S. Curtis and Helen are siblings of Fisk Johnson. Both are worth a net of $3 billion.

Judy Faulkner

Faulkner is a graduated from Dickinson College and is currently the founder and CEO of Epic Systems which is a software company dealing chiefly with healthcare products. Her net worth is estimated to be $2.2 billion! Earlier her company was named Human Computing Systems.

Jamie Dinan

Dinan made his career as a hedge fund manager and has made to the top list of rich people in Wisconsin. He is also the founder of York Capital Management and is worth $2 billion of net worth. He is a MBA from Harvard University is also the owner of Milwaukee Bucks.

Marie Lasry

Marc Lasry is a Moroccan who has gathered revenue being a hedge fund manager. He is the chief executive officer and co-founder of Avenue Capital Group. A graduate from Clark University, he also owns the Milwaukee Bucks NBA team. Lasry has a net worth of $1.64 billion.

David Einhorn

Einhorn is the founder of hedge fund management company Greenlight Capital and is worth $1.47 billion. He was a student of Cornell University is only 47 years of age.

There are several other businessmen and celebrities worth billions of dollars who have more than a million dollar net worth living in Wisconsin. Mentioning them would make the list endless. The aforementioned people are very popular as well.

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