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10 Richest Professional Skateboarders in the World

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Skateboarding, popular action sports with different tricks, becoming popular day by day and today I am sharing the list such richest Skateboarders in the world.  The growing popularity of this sport has made this an event of Tokyo Olympic 2020. Presently Skateboarding market earns around $ 5 million.

So before we explore wealthiest Skateboarders in the world today, please note that this is just the estimated value, and not exact figure. I have gone through several reliable sites like Forbes to find out and prepare a list of such richest skateboarders, so hold your bread and starts from here:

Tony Hawk:

He is commonly known as The Bird Man to the world. He has occupied the 1st place in this list because of his immense popularity and wealth. Apart from skateboarding, he also has an amusement park at the poshest area Six Flags. He also appeared in many TV shows and movies like The Simpsons, Jackass 3D and even in Sesame Street. By his amazing career, he has made a fortune of $120 million.

Stavros Niarchos iii:

This shipping tycoon of Greece was famous for his skateboarding career and love life too. He has made a fortune of $ 100 million by his most successful career, he was raised in Paris.

Rob Dyrdek:

Robert Stanley Dyrdek, known as Rob Dyrdek, is the US-born Professional Skateboarder.  Apart from a successful career as a skateboarder, he has also proved his talent in many genres. The originator of Wild Grinders is a popular reality show star, a handsome actor, producer and also an entrepreneur. His net worth is almost $ 50 million.

Jamie Thomas: ‘

Popularly known to the world ‘The Chief’, is a renowned skateboarder of America. He is also a popular businessman of the industry of skateboarders He has founded the line of the brand for skate boarders like the Fallen Footwear, Mystery skate boarders, Zero Skateboarders etc. His net worth is a reflection of his success story and that is $50 million.

Rick Howard

Rick is a Canadian-born the United States professional skateboarder. He is also known as ‘Rick Flip’ & ‘Howard Heel’. He is one of the proprietors of the popular brand Girl Skate boarders and the Lakai Limited Footwear. He also had seen in a couple of movies like Yeah Right! , Fully Flared. By his mesmerizing career, he has made a total of $45 million dollar fortune.

Bam Margera:

Bam Margera is a multi-talented skate boarder of America. Apart from sports world, he has also proved in talent in glamor world too as a Stunt performer and a filmmaker. He is also a melodies musician. He has seen in all three Jackass movies. His net worth is almost $ 45 million.

Rodney Mullen:

He is co-writer of an autobiography “The Mutt”. He is another billionaire skateboarder, who has made a $35 million net worth by his brilliant career as a skateboarder, a public speaker and a businessman too. He has invented the tricks like kickflip and Flatground etc. The most popular trick he has invented is 360 flips.

Shaun White

This Pro Skateboarder is belonging from San Diego. He has won the gold medals in Olympic, for two times. He is also the winner of 10 ESPY. He is highest gold medal gainer for X-Games. The Flying Tomato of USA has made a $20 million of net worth.

Stefan Janoski

He is popular for his endorsement for Nike Shoes, where he has his own signature design actually. He is popular for his ‘Switch-Stance’ skills. He is also a writer, artist, and musician. His net worth is almost $ 20 million.

Jason lee:

Jason Michael Lee, an American Skateboarder, and famous Actor & Television producer.  His character of Earl Hickey in the television comedy show My Name is Earl, is truly unforgettable for the TV bluffs. His net worth is around $ 18 million. ‘Stereo Skate boarders’ is the brand, which is founded by this popular guy.

List of Richest Skateboarders

Tony Hawk$120 million
Stavros Niarchos iii$100 million
Rob Dyrdek$50 million
Jamie Thomas$50 million
Rick Howard$45 million
Bam Margera$45 million
Rodney Mullen$35 million
Shaun White$20 million
Stefan Janoski$20 million
Jason lee$18 million


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