Richest Spoiled Kids

10 Richest Spoiled Kids in the World

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Here is the 10 most richest kids in the world who are actually spoiled and I have a valid reason. They are on Youtube, Instagram and other social sites. Kids are wonderful things. They are cute, adorable, loving but sometimes very annoying. Give them some fame and a dash of money and they reach on cloud nine and be ignorant of everything around. Kids can sometimes be the most annoying creatures, whether they cry and snarl their way out to be the know it all baby, kids can get into people’s heads and snatch their peaceful night’s sleep.

The Most Spoiled Kids in the World

Many popular kids around the world have been spoilt with all the money, pride, excessive liberty and freedom. Here is a list of ten such kids who are already spoilt for their choices and money.

Suri Cruise

She is none other than the cute and small princess of Tom Cruise and his wife Katie Holmes. Indeed she is a princess amidst the Cinderella castle and is not kept away from the public like Rapunzel. Her wardrobe is what every little girl would want, a showcase of all childhood desires which are damnably expensive. Starting from Mickey . Minnie to the entire Disney princess world and all of them are designer outfits. She is even famous for not repeating her outfits after wearing it only once. Her latest buy is a $2,000 dollars trench coat from Dolce & Gabbana. She is the epitome showcasing that never too young to taste luxury.

Justin Combs

Though only 19, the son of famous rapper “Diddy” or rather Sean Combs has been reported of getting a very expensive gift on his 16th birthday. It was silver Maybach worth no less than $360,000. But one that he did was to bag his own scholarship portraying hiss football skills and got into UCLA. Maybe because his college money was saved , that he got a jaw-dropping expensive gift.

Blue Ivy Carter

A familiar name it is, and she is a princess too in all sense. Blue Ivy carter is the daughter of Beyonce and rapper Jay-z. Though only a year old but she is never too young to taste luxury. This cuteheart baths in crystals. You thing you heard that wrong? Well Not all, she has been gifted a Swarovski crystal studded Bathtub. Well that’s not enough; she even takes her power naps in a crystal studded bed maybe for having crystal clear dreams.

Emme Anthony

Definitely another fashionista kid in the making process. Her age counts much less that her wardrobe collection and the price tags of her dresses. Being the daughter of Jennifer Lopez, she has already attended Paris Fashion week.

Valentina Paloma Pinault

The daughter of famous actress Salma Hayek. She will grow up to be the owner of a $12 Million Los Angeles estate. She is surely already spoilt to do nothing that being rich and famous all through her life.

Akash Ambani

Being heir to millions has its perks i guess, maybe that’s why Akash Ambani, the son of India’s richest man Dirubhai Ambani  escaped even after a severe hit and run case suspect.

Prince George

He is the prince and no one can stop him ever from being rich and maybe a spoilt child when he grows up. Though he is only a few years old, but is definitely the heir of the royal family. This boy has got everything and having a nail filer and clipper studded with diamonds and made up of gold is way too much, but this prince owns that as well.

Jaden Smith

Son of will Smith though is famous by himself for being the Karate Kid guy. He is known for being arrogant and talking all trash in public. No wonder only money is there to speak for his spoilt activities.

Justin Bieber

The ‘ Baby’ guy and frankly speaking there is nothing mush to say about this kid.  He is just an arrogant rich kid making shitty music. Maybe all that money is just too good for him. Started drinking and several girlfriends at very young age.

Miley Cyrus

Her journey from Hannah Montana to a reckless unexpected star has always disappointed every little girl who adored her. We genuinely feel sorry for her, but she doesn’t because what she has got is plenty of money.

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