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As of today, the estimated net worth of Alan Sugar is $2.17 billion that is equivalent to £1.4 billion . Born in London Borough, he is an  entrepreneur and and politician. His stocks in the electronics industry, numerous businesses, and being an author catapulted him to his wealthy status.He is a prominent English tycoon as indicated by the most popular newspaper in England; the Sunday Times. He also managed a famous football club from the years 1999 to 2001.

Alan Sugar Net Worth : $2.3 Billion

Alan Sugar Profile

He was in the cast of the British version of the American reality hit TV series about getting a job; The Apprentice. He played the role of the boss.This role is the reason why he won a BAFTA Award and recognition. He is also a respected member of the House of Lords who ran under the labor party. In the year 2000, he also ventured into film-making and producing social documentaries. He has released an auto biographical book that became a best seller in 2010.

Full Name Alan Michael Sugar
Alan Sugar Net Worth $2.3 Billion
Source of Income Business magnate
Monthly Income $4 million
Weekly Income $1 Million
Daily Income $142,850

His financial successes were mostly derived from the AMSTRAD Company. The company that he founded in 1980 specializes in consumer electronics. He has also made progress and increased his financial worth when he invested his time, money, and talent in the field of aviation. He managed a fleet of jet charters and private planes that are intended for business purposes and travel. His other sources of income were businesses that are involved in advertising, technology, IT services, education, Internet, broadband services, and managing a football league. He is also an active philanthropist and has numerous charities about health programs.

Alan Sugar Net WorthPopular celebrity Alan Sugar

It’s now clear that Alan Sugar’ s net worth is far much higher than any other entrepreneur.

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